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Learn to paint the still life with Dean Fisher

In this six week online workshop, you will learn to paint the still life: practice composition, color, and get feedback on your work.

The genre of still life painting can take on many different forms, especially in today’s contemporary art world. In this six week online course we will work on expanding our perception of what a still life can be, which at it’s most interesting is an exploration of the formal properties of composition, color and form.

We will begin each class with looking at examples of great still life painting, past and present. We’ll discuss the virtues of the works being viewed and work on  incorporating those qualities into our work.

The first class will be devoted to searching out a motif from everyday objects in our surroundings. We’ll arrange and rearrange those objects and discuss what organization of those objects creates the most compelling and satisfying design. We will then proceed with making various thumbnail sketches of the setup.

The second class will be devoted to doing a small color study of the arrangement.

During the final four sessions we’ll decide on a size for the final painting and then launch into painting it. 

The participants will see how my painting evolves from week to week and experience the thought process and myriad of decisions which go into putting a painting together. They will see the troubleshooting process which I employ when problems with the painting inevitably arise and see how, ideally these changes can benefit the painting in various ways.

Course participants will develop their own paintings in this step by step process after watching each online class during the six weeks. 

There will be two review processes, one after the color sketch is completed and one at the end of the course. The reviews will be in groups of 10 participants through Zoom.

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Exclusive Online workshop with Dean Fisher

  • Learn how to create a compelling still life composition
  • Get feedback on your work from Dean 
  • Watch Dean demonstrate his painting techniques
  • Weekly online instruction.
  • Starts Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Dean Fisher Still life - Learn to paint still life


When does the workshop start?

The Workshop starts Tuesday, January 19, 2021 and runs for six weeks. Last class is Tuesday, February 23, 2021

We'll meet every Tuesday from Noon until 2:30PM Eastern Standard time.

How long are the classes?

Classes are two and a half hours. That gives us plenty of time for demonstrations and a Q and A discussion at the end of the class

We meet on Tuesdays from Noon until 2:30PM Eastern Standard time.

Will classes be recorded?

YES! Classes will be recorded. And YES, you will have access after the course ends.

We'll post the recordings for you within 24 hours. If something comes up and you have to miss a class, we've got you covered!

The recordings are also SUPER helpful if you need to go back and check your notes while you're working on your painting so we like to get them up lickety split!

Is there a materials list for this course?

Absolutely! We will email you the materials list once you enroll!

Can I paint in acrylic?

Yes you can! The demonstrations will be mostly in oils but the concepts Dean will be teaching can be applied to any painting medium.

What about pastels... or gouache?

Dean says: "You are absolutely welcome to work in gouache or pastels, even the option of pastel over gouache. I’ll have some examples to show during the course. The concepts I’ll be teaching can be applied to any painting medium."