First Things First

How to Start and Finish Anything! 

Set yourself up for a mind-blowing 2022! Become unstoppable in your studio!

If there is one thing I'm good at,

it is learning things the hard way..

When I worked at Disney, a big part of my job was making sure the artwork was made on time and on budget. I was responsible for anything you could see in a video game. From the instant a game booted up, until the screen went black at the end, if you could see it, it was my responsibility to make sure it was high quality and completed on time. Every icon, logo, background, and animation sequence, from rough sketch all the way to the final piece of artwork went through me.

That was a lot of responsibility. I had to coordinate artists inside the company as well as outside vendors to make sure that each piece of art fit inside “the world” and looked like one artist created all of it.

I worked on multiple projects at the same time, created schedules and kept track of where each piece of artwork was in the schedule and who was working on it.

And I was good at it. 

So yes, in the context of multiple year long projects with many moving parts, I’m pretty badass. And yes, it took me a long while to be comfortable saying that, but I have about 40 Disney video game titles as proof, so even I can’t minimize that!.

Awesome, right? Yay me. 

Obviously, if I could accurately create plans for Disney projects with as many moving parts and wild cards as I did, SURELY, I could manage a simple plan for a one person painting project, right!? 

Of course! Piece of cake!!

What could possibly go wrong?

Apparently, a lot.  

When I took all those mad planning skills and tried to apply them to my painting life, they didn’t work.

At all.

I made plan after plan after plan. When one didn’t work, I made another and put more detail into it. Afterall, when something is not working, what do we need?

MORE of it!

Every time one of my well thought out plans didn’t work, I beat myself up: 

“What’s wrong with me? Oh, I know, I just need a better plan!”

“I don’t have any willpower, that’s my problem!” 

“I’m just not working hard enough. I need more discipline.”

“Maybe if I wake up a few hours earlier, that will fix things!”

“If I can’t even do this, maybe I’m not a real artist.”

It got pretty ugly.

I came to an awful realization: Knowing what to do, and how to do it, isn’t enough. 

After a lot of struggle, I finally realized what was wrong.

I didn’t need more discipline or motivation. I had just as much willpower as anyone else. 

I was overlooking one very important skill: Managing my brain.

My own thoughts were getting in my way.

My own thoughts were creating doubt and confusion about my ability to achieve my goals.

As I learned more about how our brain works, I became more and more fascinated by how an unmanaged mind will often end up sabotaging our best ideas.

I can help you!

What if, at the end of 2022, instead of looking back and feeling anxious because another year went by and you’re not really sure what you accomplished, your mind is blown by how much you accomplished. 

Imagine flipping through your art journal and instead of being disappointed that you didn’t finish any of those great ideas you had, you’re PROUD of yourself!

Proud because you made a conscious decision about which projects you would tackle. You were crystal clear on what you were going to do and why. You said no (for now) to the decent ideas, and “Hell Yes!” to the one thing that will really make a difference for you. Not only that, but you were certain about that decision- you didn’t second guess yourself!

And best of all, you did it! You actually focused and got more done than you ever thought you could!

Your mind: BLOWN!

Instead of that vague feeling that you did a bunch of stuff, and were busy all year, you have concrete, tangible results.

You can’t wait for the next 12 months because you KNOW how to crush it.

When people ask “How is your painting going?” you are excited to answer. You’re not thinking about all the things you wished you had done, or looking for that silver lining because you’re not really sure where the last six months went.

Every time you walk into your studio, you are CONFIDENT and EXCITED to get going.

Listen - Managing our day is not just something that would be nice to do.

It’s not just a skill that would be helpful to develop.

How you manage your time affects every single thing in your life.

Artists lead full lives. There’s a lot going on. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be in control of your time?

Introducing, First Things First

I’ll teach you how to get focused and clear on what results you want - (whether that is 10 finished paintings or having your work accepted in a show).  I’ll show you how to get super clear, defined outcomes that you are excited about. 

Next you’ll learn how to create your custom plan to get it done. The plan that checks all the boxes for YOU and considers all the details of your life. After that, we’ll decide when it all happens so that you can comfortably hit your goal without pulling all-nighters or giving up your social life.

And finally -- the most underestimated part -- I’ll teach you how to get out of your own way so that you actually do it. I’ll teach you my 5 step process to manage your brain so that you maintain that crystal focus no matter what else happens.

Big or small projects, it’s the same skill - and once you learn it, you have it for LIFE

Step 1

Get Clear and Decide. Learn how to say no so that you can say: HELL YES! to the thing you want the most.

Step 2

Plan it out. Every little detail. Incorporate it into your life so that living your truth doesn't come at the expense of everything else you love about your life.

Step 3

Take Action. Do the thing. We all know that's easier said than done. I'll teach you the tools to manage your mind so get it done (and still have time for the rest of your life).

Step 4

Celebrate! Wash, rinse, & REPEAT!

Mastering your time not just something that would be nice to do. It’s not just a skill that would be lovely to develop. It affects every single thing in your life..”


Every week you get a small group  ZOOM call with me. You get personalized attention every week AND you get to learn from your peers. Whether you’re getting coached personally or learning from the coaching of other artists, group coaching is vital in increasing your ability to finish what you start. We coach on making decisions about your goal, discovering your roadblocks (and how to ease through them), and making sure you don’t overextend yourself. These calls are packed with value and allow you to connect to a small cohort of artists (no more than 10) on the exact same path as you. Join LIVE every week or watch the replay in our member portal.

get help when you need it Most 

What happens if you have questions in between our weekly video coaching calls? I've got you covered you can ask questions and get help as you go through the process. Submit questions 24/7 in our member portal and get individualized coaching, tailored specifically to you as often as you need.

Bonus Check in Sessions

By the end of First Things First, you will have all the tools you need to get it done. You will have anticipated and planned for obstacles. You'll be taking ACTION and getting RESULTS. But I know that occasionally, our brains like to revisit old thought patterns and limiting beliefs. Or often as we grow, we discover new ones that aren't helpful.

This is totally normal and expected. Which is why I offer 3 Bonus Check In Sessions throughout the year. We'll meet up, celebrate your wins and you'll get coaching on anything that's slowing you down.

Let's do this!

First Things First


  • 12 Weekly Coaching Sessions in a small, intimate group..
  • Plus 3 Bonus Check in Sessions
  • Skills you will use daily for LIFE.

Finish what you start. Every. single. time.

What Artists Say


[BEFORE learning these skills with Antrese]

I didn’t know what my goals were. They were not clear to me. I wanted to be the artist I always felt I was, but didn’t know how that translated for me at this stage in my life. There was a huge gap between my art education and my adult practice. There was a big disconnect in my mind between “I want to be an artist” vs. “I want to paint”. I had no clear path , no role models. I tried every medium, I was all over the place.

Lisa G.


[AFTER learning these skills with Antrese] 

OMG I am DOING IT!!!! I’m practicing, I’m painting, sketching, looking, participating, thinking non-stop about art, my art, your art, everybody’s art. This class has been a life-changer for me. I set goals. I’ve achieved them. I know I can set more & achieve those too. I have confidence in myself, in my ability to figure things out for myself, ask for help, find answers, create my path, stumble & get up again and keep moving! I’m excited, motivated, making progress and growing. I can set an intention, test the reality, assess the results and make course corrections. I’m steering the boat and loving the journey. 

Lisa G.


The big surprise was the emphasis around recognizing and developing our intent as artists rather than developing techniques or styles. Also, how to see that intent in varying scenarios when making all kinds of decisions. Holding this intent while encountering personal and professional questions allows me to make choices that support the broader picture and make my goal inevitable.


Big or Small, your goal is as good as Done!

It doesn't matter if you have a big audacious goal or a "little" painting series you want to finish.

This works for anything - and once you develop the skills, you can apply them over and over again! 

This is just the beginning...

Bring your idea(s) to life!

"This has been a life-changer for me. I set goals.  I’ve achieved them. I know I can set more & achieve those too."

I'm ...
Antrese Wood

Hi, I’m Antrese, I am a painter, I work primarily in oils and acrylics, in a previous life, I worked for Disney providing art direction on video games, nowadays, you probably know me as the founder and host of the savvy painter podcast, I am also a certified life coach.

I love studying the artist’s mindset and helping artists manage their brains - the human brain is one of the powerful tools we have in our studios. It makes sense to master how we use it.

Got Questions?

Let's jump on a call to find out if it's a good fit for you! 

Unbeatable Guarantee

If you don’t LOVE First Things First, I want you to have your money back. Here’s why.

I put a lot of thought into this program, I care about your success, I don’t want to waste my time or yours with a program that is not a good fit for you.

First Things First Is a result of years of  studying and testing the best practices - this is exactly how I manage Savvy Painter and continue to have time to paint in my studio. After over 10 years at Disney, art directing large video game projects- many of which came in on time and under budget- I know what systems work for creatives. Plus, as a certified LCS life coach, I am an expert at spotting the limiting beliefs that sabotage your dreams.

This is not a quick fix, you do have to put the work in.  I guarantee, if you do, you will see results. 

If you do all the work and don't receive valuable insight and skills, just email me within 30 days and you will get a full refund.

First Things First 

  • Learn how to create a plan that you will actually stick to (so you can do it every year!). 
  • Know that you have room for ALL the details in your schedule (even “you time”) 
  • Confidence knowing that your goal is as good as DONE 
  • Learn from other artists in 12 weekly Zoom coaching sessions 
  • Get your questions answered in between calls with daily written coaching. 
  • Reap the benefits of quick, challenging homework tasks that will take you out of your comfort zone and level up your planning skills 
  • Know how to get past every obstacle between you and your goal 
  • Discover the mentality required to adapt and adjust as you stay on course

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