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Are you Ready to Silence Your Inner Critic And CRUSH The Barriers That Keep You From Painting More?

I remember making the decision to focus all of my attention on painting.

I made the choice to leave a job that I loved, that paid really well, AND gave me lots of perks (Free tickets to Disneyland! 🤗). 

When I went in to do my taxes for the year, my accountant asked how things were going at work.

I told him I'd quit my job at Disney. 

Normally, he was a soft spoken man. I’d have to lean forward to hear him.

Not this time.


Do you know what you are walking away from?! No-one quits a job like THAT just to be an ARTIST!!”

But I DID know what I was walking away from.

Ten years at a great company, excellent benefits and a pension plan that was steadily growing.

I didn’t just wake up one morning and randomly decide to throw it all away.

I planned. 

I saved. 

I procrastinated… for more than a year before I actually walked into my boss’s office and handed her my resignation-- the day before I was supposed to get a promotion. 

Believe me, I had AGONIZED over that decision.

A few months later, I was at a friend’s house for dinner. After listening to me talk about my plans, her father casually said,

“So, at what point do you decide you are not talented enough to be an artist, and just get a real job?”


But honestly, These comments were nothing compared to what was happening inside my head. 

I indulged in my fears and cycled through a never ending loop of thoughts like these:

“I have NO idea what I’m doing.”

“I can't do this. I'm not good enough to make it”

“Maybe I AM delusional!”

“This isn't going to work. I should have listened to my accountant.”

“WTF was I thinking?!”

As a result, I spent more time thinking about painting than actually painting. I hated it because… maybe they were right. 

Ignoring my fears would not make them go away. In fact, they would probably just get worse.


I binged on books about artists and how they create - books on creativity, artist notebooks, biographies and memoirs. 

I was convinced something was wrong with me, like I was the only one who just didn’t ‘GET IT.’

I expanded beyond painters to read books on writing -what did Hemingway or Stephen King do when they got writer’s block? I studied the working habits of authors, dancers, and actors. I even read scientific studies on human behavior. 

I noticed the patterns and started putting them into practice and actually started enjoying my studio again!

Now I was even more determined.

Through my own network and the Savvy Painter Podcast, I interviewed more than three hundred professional artists, and talked with at least a thousand more.

Artists who are MOST SUCCESSFUL and are

ENJOYING their creative time share certain habits and characteristics

They are aware of the dangers of allowing their thoughts to run wild without any checks.
  • They know what happens when an artist gives the inner critic a podium and a microphone (It's not pretty).
  • They understand that talent is a tiny fraction of what it takes to be a successful artist who is connected to her collectors and sells her work.
  • They know that what happens on the canvas is a reflection of what is going on inside their heads.

What would it be like if YOU had a system to check those mental barriers at your studio door so that you can get to the good stuff? 

Well, that is exactly what I have created for you...

Welcome to 

Mindset Mastery

Silence Your Inner Critic And Crush The Barriers That Keep You From Painting More

Remember when you were a little kid, laying on the living room floor, drawing for HOURS?

Time was irrelevant, and nothing else mattered except that drawing.

When did creating art become a source of anxiety?

Learn how to fulfill your potential without sabotaging your own progress and creativity.

Don’t waste another day by not painting when it’s the thing you want to do the MOST.

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This is a self study course so you can work at your own pace and review materials whenever you want.

Plus you get access to the Q &A vault : listen in while I coach other artists on how to MAKE MORE TIME to paint, silence their doubts and finally get in touch with their ARTIST'S VOICE.

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Kris R.

“When Antrese started the Savvy Painter podcast, she filled a need for painters everywhere who would otherwise work in solitude in their studios. Her Mindset Mastery program takes this to the next level.”

Bitsy B.

“I'm more willing to do things I know will probably not result in a finished painting that I'll want anyone to see. But, those hard mucky regions are where my growth happens and I appreciate the class helping me recognize that, and now that's where I want to experiment and see what will change.”

Ross H.

“As someone who has achieved a degree of competence as a graphic designer, I have a hard time when I don't achieve the results I want as a painter, and I beat myself mercilessly.  Each time I've failed at a painting—which is often—I've thought "no talent, no future in this." But after Mindset Mastery, I've substituted the word "practiced" for "talented" in my internal dialog, leaving me with the conclusion is that I need more practice, not more talent.  It was a great program, especially for the cost. “

Check out what's inside!

I’ll show you what’s behind the thoughts that hold you back and give you TOOLS to use to push through them. 


Lesson 1: Talent Vs. Growth

What happens on the canvas is a reflection of what is going on inside our heads. Understand the painters mindset so that you can paint with confidence and conviction.


Lesson 2: How to Get Into Your Studio Consistently

Why consistency beats binging and how to make the time to paint. Even if your to do list is overflowing and the kids are home from school (permanently).


Lesson 3: Inside the Studio

Now that you've finally made time for your studio practice, we'll talk about what happens INSIDE the studio. Get Clear, Get Focused and Get that brush moving!


Lesson 4: Your Inner Critic

Who invited this guy anyway? Why does he always show up at the WORST possible moment? In this lesson, you'll learn tools to keep him at bay so that you can paint in peace!


Lesson 5: Fears of Artists

We've all got them. What will "they" think? Am I good enough? Is this going to work? Some fears are productive, most are not. Let's take a look at the most common fears and how you can get past them so that you can freely create, experiment, and discover YOUR OWN VOICE.


BONUS: Q and A Vault!

You get FIVE exclusive videos

About  Antrese

You probably know me best as the founder and host of the Savvy Painter Podcast.

I'm also a painter, just like you - so I KNOW the struggles. They are real.

I'm also obsessed with being an example of what is possible in your art and your life. That's why I'm a forever student . I am constantly upping my game because I get so much joy and satisfaction out of pushing my boundaries and experiencing what is possible.

We are capable of so much more than we let ourselves imagine.

I’ve had the advantage of working at Disney with some of the most creative minds in the entertainment industry. After 10 years of providing art direction on video game titles to artists all over the world, I got really good at quickly seeing problems and clearly articulating how to make high-quality paintings.

I operate from a place of abundance and generosity and know that a rising tide lifts all ships. That's why I take what I've learned and offer it to you.

Get back into your creative flow!

There’s not much space for creative flow and innovation when our minds are cluttered with too many unfocused ideas, too many fears, and too many outside worries.

There is an alternative. 

At some point, I know you have experienced it. 

It’s that glorious state of being lost in your creation:

You step up to the easel, swish your paintbrush into the color you just mixed on your palette and get a feel for the texture. 

You make the first mark on the blank canvas, and everything just flows naturally. 

Then you sort of wake up and realize you’re not sure how much time has passed. 

There is this painting on your easel and you’re wondering who did that. 

I love, love, LOVE those days! How awesome would it be if you could have that more often? 

Instead of getting angry or defensive when a well-meaning accountant (yeah, I'm totally giving him the benefit of the doubt) or a family friend plants seeds of doubt in your mind, what if you could just squash them into smithereens leaving them no chance to grow and multiply?

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  • FIVE modules you can learn from at your own pace.
  • Downloadable worksheets so you can take the lessons and apply them to your EXACT situation!
  • BONUS Q and A Vault - These recordings are not available anywhere else!

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