Paint the Figure in the Interior

A workshop with

Dean Fisher

The figure in an interior space is a subject which has taken on many forms and produced some of the most interesting paintings in the history of Art.

In this 6 session online course (with the option of two additional feedback sessions) we will focus on the many ways this subject has been handled throughout the ages and base our own paintings of a figure in an interior on a favorite historical (or more contemporary) work.

There will be a strong emphasis on capturing good drawing and form in our paintings as well as perspective, atmosphere, color and especially composition.

This is a course for all levels of ability and all mediums including oils, acrylics, pastels and non- color mediums such as charcoal and graphite.

Two of the classes will be devoted to online review sessions of student work. One will occur midway through the course and the second one at the end of the course.

Each class will finish with a live question and answer session so that you can ask Dean anything you want.

If you choose to add the optional feedback sessions, the first session will occur halfway through the course and the second session will take place at the end of the course.

Learn to paint  the figure in the interior with Dean Fisher

an online painting experience

September 28th through November 2nd, 2021.

Classes are on Tuesdays from noon - 2:30PM U.S. Eastern

What you will learn:

During our six classes we will look at and study in depth, paintings and drawings which depict the figure in interior spaces.

Together, we’ll examine the virtues of their compositions and the multitude of reasons why they function so well pictorially, in terms of the structure of the space and the inclusion of the figure/s within it. We will also study how the choice of colors and values play an integral role in creating a psychological state of mind and overall mood in the work.

You are welcome to create your own compositions or base your composition on a favorite work by another artist (alternating between both are encouraged!). If you don’t have access to a model, you can use photographic references for the figure, but it is highly encouraged that painting the space that figure is in, be painted from life.

You will create three separate “projects” in this course which will be outlined and demonstrated in paint or charcoal during different weeks. 

Using what you've learned, you will then create your own works at home and present them during the course review sessions for comments by Dean. 

Each class will finish with a live question and answer so that you can get your questions answered!

Week One:

This week will kick off with a brief presentation of images surveying the history of painting of the figure (or figures) in interior spaces throughout the centuries, including contemporary artists!

Your first project will be highlighting the figure in a small, intimate space. We’ll start with clarifying our ideas by doing thumbnail sketches and begin a small color study. We’ll strive to create a quiet, intimate mood in this work, and all the compositional, color and tonal devices we can employ to achieve this state of mind in the painting.

This first painting will be painted with very muted color.

Week Two:

We start this week with a look at great paintings throughout the ages which convey this approach to representing the figure indoors!

Dean will work on a larger version of his color study from the previous week via a live demonstration, striving to achieve resolution in the painting.

Week Three:

During week three we’ll focus on representing the figure within a large interior space and the different psychological moods which are conveyed with this approach.

Dean will demonstrate creating a thumbnail sketch in pencil to develop his composition and begin a small color study. This will be a painting which will be painted with a colorful palette and more saturated color.

Week Four:

Dean will show additional paintings which are consistent with this approach of the figure in a large space.

He will then develop a larger version of his painting, discussing edge control and optics to create a convincing sense of atmosphere and depth in the work.

Week Five:

The focus of this week's presentation of great paintings will be the Interior space with more than one figure and the implied narrative which can result.

The student has the option of either staring this third project or continuing to focus on their previous two paintings.

Demonstration: Using a model, Dean will create a color study in oil showing how he creates a composition of two figures with an implied narrative.

Week Six:

In our final week together, we will continue with a larger version of this painting, concentrating on all the concepts we discussed during this course and especially incorporating a variety of paint handling techniques, including glazing.

What you Get when you enroll:

  • LIVE Painting Demonstrations so you can WATCH as Dean shows you the painting concepts.
  • Q and A sessions at the end of each lesson so that you can get your questions answered and learn from your peers.
  • ALL LESSONS ARE RECORDED so that you can watch them again and again.

(without critiques)


6 weeks of online instruction and demos 



  • Classes start Tuesday, Sept 28th at noon EST
  • 6 weeks of online classes
  • Watch Dean Demonstrate and get your questions answered
  • Exercises to practice concepts on your own
  • Live Q and A sessions so you can ask Dean anything! 
Live workshop without Personal Critiques

What it's like learning from Dean:

“I've been really challenged by the Dean Fisher workshop—in a good way :), and am so impressed by the documentation of information from our classes. Big thank you to you and Antrese, and Dean.” 

~ Pamela P..

“My thanks for an amazing course.  I am a relative beginner and have found this course so informative and Dean’s style so encouraging. I will refer to the course material many times I am sure! Thanks again…”

~ Jane A.

“I’m enjoying this class so much. Antrese is so talented and inspiring and Dean is so gentle and such an excellent teacher. This is a terrific experience. Thank you.”

~ Pam G.


When does the workshop start?

The Workshop starts Tuesday, September 25th, 2021 and runs for six weeks. Last class is Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021

We'll meet every Tuesday from 12PM until 2:30PM U.S. Eastern time.

What are the days and times?

We'll meet every Tuesday from 12PM until 2:30PM U.S. Eastern time.

How long are the classes?

Classes are two and a half hours. That gives us plenty of time for demonstrations and a Q and A discussion at the end of the class

We meet on Tuesdays from 12PM until 2:30PM U.S Eastern time.

Will classes be recorded?

YES! Classes will be recorded. And YES, you will have access after the course ends.

We'll post the recordings for you within 24 hours. If something comes up and you have to miss a class, we've got you covered!

The recordings are also SUPER helpful if you need to go back and check your notes while you're working on your painting so we like to get them up lickety split!

Recordings are available after the class ends for up to 6 months!

Are Critiques Included?

You have the option to get personalized critiques from Dean when you select that option at checkout. If you select the option with critiques you get two personalized critiques - one will be during Week Three and the other after Week Six. The price with critiques is $475.99 USD

Is there a materials list for this course?

Absolutely! Once you enroll, you will have access to our course portal, which includes the materials list.

Can I paint in acrylic or gouache?

Yes you can! The demonstrations will be mostly in oils but the concepts Dean will be teaching can be applied to any painting medium.

Still have questions?

We're here to help! 

Here's what other artists say about SAVVY PAINTER WORKSHOPS:

"I have taken several online workshops since last June during COVID shutdown and I must say that your webinar  provided the best online workshops for me so far. The content, the lectures, the well constructed portal and the critique sessions have been just wonderful.. And you have found a great system to make it all work so great. I look forward to every week. Thank you for making this an enjoyable and seamless process."

~ Colleen G.

"Thank you for all the time and work each of you put into the course. I know I am not the only one who feels the experience has been extraordinary and now feels so sad knowing it has ended. 

Everything was organized, communicated well and presented so well. What a great team you make! Your warm yet professional personalities created an experience where we each felt part of a meaningful and interactive community. Personally, the curriculum and attention resulted in what feels like great growth and a deeper understanding of what I'm doing.

I look forward to future events for learning and getting to know you, and the other students, even better."

~ Carol L

"Writing in just to say how very much I have enjoyed the Savvy Painter course. Terrific to get such a rich experience. The sessions worked brilliantly online (I’m in London) and no doubt you had to work pretty hard to make the experience as seamless and enjoyable as it’s been. I’m up for another course! 

All the best and thanks again."

~ Tony C..


(without critiques)


6 weeks of online instruction and demos 



  • Classes start Tuesday, Sept 28th at noon EST
  • 6 weeks of online classes
  • Watch Dean Demonstrate and get your questions answered
  • Exercises to practice concepts on your own
  • Live Q and A sessions so you can ask Dean anything! 
Live workshop without Personal Critiques