Understanding values

A workshop with

Antrese Wood

One of the most common issues with paintings is an ill defined value structure. You look at your painting from across the room and it falls apart - that amazing passage that you worked so hard on, that you wanted to be the star of the image evaporates when you step back.

“Why isn’t my paint working?!”

Without a solid foundation, and a clear value structure, it’s almost impossible to create a painting that sings from across the room.

Without a solid value structure, even the simple sphere of an apple will break apart into seeming cacophony of unrelated patches of paint.

Trying to get that white vase to sit back in a shadow, but it keeps jumping forward? When you experience problems like this in your painting - You’ve likely chosen the wrong value for your composition.

“Value does all the work, color gets all the credit!”

Artists tend to  look at paintings past and present, and think things like:  “WOW - I love the way that artist turned the form on the far side of the cheek. I wish i knew exactly what color they used….”

So they go out on a hunt for the PERFECT pigment. They buy tons of colors trying to figure it out.

What they don’t realize is that color can impact the turning of the form, yes, but it’s the VALUES that do the heavy lifting.  Get the values right and THEN you can use color temperature to make those delicious subtle nuances in form. But if your values are off - I hate to break it to you, you’ll never get there by changing the hue alone.

Learn to paint value with Antrese Wood

an online painting experience

April 6th through May 4th, 2021

What you will learn:

  • What values are and how to see them correctly
  • Why you don’t need MORE values - How a constrained range packs a big punch.
  • How to strategically choose your value structure so that your painting evokes the mood you want
  • How to use values to create order out of chaos.
  • How to use values to establish visual harmony.

What you Get when you enroll:

  • WEEKLY DISCUSSION with examples so that you can SEE how value structures are used in art history and in contemporary paintings.
  • Live painting demonstrations so that you can WATCH how I break down complex paintings into simple value structures
  • Painting exercises so that you get HANDS ON EXPERIENCE with your own paintings.
  • Q and A sessions at the end of each lesson so that you can get your questions answered and learn from your peers.
  • ALL LESSONS ARE RECORDED so that you can watch them again and again.
Live workshop only

5 weeks of online instruction and demos



  • Classes start Tuesday, April 6th
  • 5 weeks of online classes
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Exercises to practice the concepts on your own
  • Live Q and A sessions so you can ask me anything about values!

Here's what other artists say about working with Antrese:

"Antrese is very down to earth. She's very easy to talk to, she is just very approachable, and accessible. But she just has a lot of perspective, because she's accomplished in her own career. And she's spoken to so many other artists, she just has this perspective, that's really, really unique."

~ Julie A.

"I'm always impressed at (Antrese’s) ability, through her experience to be able to come up with an answer, in the moment, and really direct people. (She is able to) get to the heart of  what they're saying. 

I knew that from the podcast, certainly, but it's different watching it live. I'm just always kind of impressed at what a great artist's mind she has. 

Also, watching the critiques is her ability to have a real critical eye. You can just tell that she has a lot of experience comprehending and analyzing art, and so to, to see the way that she can kind of like so quickly pull things apart and put them back together again, is pretty impressive."

~ Donna.

"Antrese is a lot of fun to work with. She's encouraging when she needs to be encouraging, but she can also kick you in the pants. If you need to be kicked in the pants and sometimes, you know, we do need to be kicked in the pants!"

~ Andrew R.


When does the workshop start?

The Workshop starts Tuesday, April 6th, 2021 and runs for five weeks. Last class is Tuesday, May 3rd, 2021

We'll meet every Tuesday from 1PM until 3PM United States Eastern Standard time.

When do we meet?

Tuesdays from 1PM until 3PM U.S. Eastern Standard time.

How long are the classes?

Classes are two hours. That gives us plenty of time for demonstrations and a Q and A discussion at the end of the class

We meet on Tuesdays from 1PM until 3PM Eastern Standard time.

How do I join calls - do I have to know a bunch of computer stuff?

Our classes are held on Zoom. You might have a lot of experience now with Zoom (thanks, 2020!) or you may still be still dipping your toes into the digital waters.

We also create an online portal where you can watch class recordings as they become available, and where you will find all the resources from the class.

This IS an online class so you do need to have stable internet access and basic computer knowledge.

BUT we like to go the extra mile and make sure you're super comfortable. So before our first class you will be invited to a welcome call where you will be guided step by step on how to get to the live calls and how to access the recordings and other goodies afterwards.

And if you're ever stuck, we're here to help. All you have to do is ask 🤗

Do we meet live?

We meet "live" every Tuesday in a Zoom webinar room. These meetings are recorded and made available to you in our class portal 24 hours after the class ends so that you can watch them again.

Will classes be recorded?

YES! Classes will be recorded. And YES, you will have access after the course ends.

We'll post the recordings for you within 24 hours. If something comes up and you have to miss a class, we've got you covered!

The recordings are also SUPER helpful if you need to go back and check your notes while you're working on your painting so we like to get them up lickety split!

Recordings are available after the class ends for up to 6 months!

Are Critiques Included?

If you'd like personalized critiques, there is limited availability. You can select this option at checkout.

Critiques are held on Fridays from 12 - 2PM EST.

Is there a materials list for this course?

Absolutely! We will email you the materials list once you enroll!

Can I paint in acrylic or gouache?

Yes you can! The demonstrations will be mostly in oils but the concepts I will be teaching can be applied to any painting medium.

Still have questions?

We're here to help!