Your peeps are here, and we can’t wait to meet you!

GROWTH STUDIO is where you connect with artists who get you, join down to earth conversations about art, and hone your craft as you discover your painting voice (and  a gentle butt kicking when you need it).

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Here’s what people are saying about Growth Studio:

“Antrese sent her art fairy to sprinkle fairy dust all over my studio. I immediately painted masterpiece after masterpiece. Now every morning I have to shoo away the gallery owners who keep showing up on my doorstep!”

I’m kidding.

It doesn’t work that way. Ever.

You have to consistently show up to do the work (even when you don’t feel like it). 

And it’s HARD work. You have to allow yourself to be more uncomfortable than you’ve ever been before. And then you have to do that again. And again. And again.

But when you show up and do the work, you grow. You EMPOWER yourself.

Growth Studio is not for everyone. But if you show up and DO the hard stuff, you WILL see results like these…

Alexis W.

Learning to balance business and art.

“Growth Studio offers something for everyone with plenty of Left and Right Brain activities. Because I’m the least familiar with this kind of practical business advice and have often relied on deadlines to make me do what I don’t want to do, the most valuable (for the left brain) lesson for me has been that business activities can and should be part of the Studio life and can be successfully managed within Antrese’s framework- one step at a time.”

Kristin C.

From scattered and timid to focused and confident.

“When I started with Savvy Painter Growth Studio, I was ALL OVER the place. I had so many unfinished ideas, and the worst part was, I didn't even realize they were left unfinished. I had no idea what my voice was because I was letting a lot of other things define what and how I created.

Insert Antrese! With her mentorship and the community, I was able to narrow down an idea and finally finish a thought. As I progressed through the process, countless questions and mindset issues bubbled up: My feelings on pricing, how to manage changing galleries, trying new ways to explore and earn a living... Savvy Painter Growth Studio saw me through it all.

The challenges introduced me to new ways of thinking and encouraged play in the studio, the group offered technical, mental, and business perspectives that broadened my understanding. Antrese's courses were excellent about filling in  gaps I didn't know existed, and her coaching and critiques helped me confront bigger issues on and off the easel. The office hours were goldmines for learning from the questions of other people, and even pushed me to move outside of my introverted shell and ask my own questions in front of everyone (gasp!).

I can't recommend Savvy Painter Growth Studio enough! It serves those with decades of experience and rookies alike. You won't regret it!”

Ginger D.

The power of knowing what you want

Through my work with Antrese and the amazing relationships I've developed with other artists who are sharing this experience, I've arrived in the magical place of believing in myself as an artist, and believing that I don't need to apologize for it or justify it to anyone!”


It is money very well-spent. If you're willing to apply yourself it will change your life, and the way you feel about your art & art business.”

what you get

When you join Growth Studio Essentials you get:

  • Monthly Creative Challenges so that you can try new techniques and painting concepts.

  • Access to the Critique Vault where you can watch other artists get feedback on their paintings.

  • The opportunity to get YOUR work critiqued (either by Antrese personally or by your peers).

  • Monthly Office Hours: This is your chance to ASK ME ANYTHING-  You get specific tactics you can use immediately AND I tell you what to avoid so you don’t end up running in circles.


When you join Growth Studio you become part of a generous, courageous, and creative group of artists who are there to CELEBRATE your wins and help you through the rough patches.

It gets lonely in the studio- sometimes you get stuck and need to call a friend!

The Growth Studio community is a vibrant place where you can get peer feedback, ask questions, and share what you’re working on 24/7!

We are on this journey together.

We are committed.

We have your back.

Direct Access to Me

I brought my obsession with painting into the podcast so that you can listen in. 

But listening in is just too passive.

I want  you to be able to PARTICIPATE &  GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY!

So I took my own obsession, added what I’ve learned from my podcast guests, and made GROWTH STUDIO so that you get that hands on experience along with DIRECT ACCESS TO ME through Monthly Office Hours ( your chance to ASK ME ANYTHING) or Critique Sessions (where you get personalized critiques of your work).


“Am I an artist?”

  • I didn’t go to art school.
  • But I stopped painting for YEARS!
  • I haven’t learned how to paint [Fill in the blank...] well enough.
  • But I’ve never sold a painting.
  • But I paint in my kitchen - I don’t even have a real studio
  • But there are SO many artists who are better than me.

Instead of letting CRUSHING thoughts like those destroy your precious painting time, you’ll know how to squash them so that your TRUE VOICE shows on your canvas.

About Antrese

I’ve had the advantage of working at Disney with some of the most creative minds in the industry. After 10 years of providing art direction on video game titles to artists all over the world, I quickly see problems and clearly articulate how to make high-quality paintings. 

This is the ONLY way you get direct access to me. My time is precious, I reserve it for Growth Studio members who want access to me and  lessons I curated from decades of my own experiences and years of study.

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Savvy Painter

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