Why Hello there!

Are you looking for me?

If you have a question that's not already answered over on the FAQ page - I'm happy to help!

Is there someone you think I should interview?

I have a special place where I collect all your suggestions!

Click here.

It's the one and only place I will look for guest suggestions.

Using DM's or PM's, or emails is just not how I roll on this one. A bit of a stickler, I guess, but I have to be particular about these things or I never get to paint.

Or sleep. Or play with my puppies.

And that's just no fun.

I make zero exceptions for that. 

AAANNYTHING else, you're totally in the right spot!

I look forward to hearing from you and will do my very best to answer your email just as soon as I can!

Fine Print -  M-F during normal buisness hours only. Birthdays (May 18th and 20th) Major US holidays and seemingly random holidays in Argentina (I'm still learning myself!) are excluded so that I stay married, don't get banished from the family, or fed to a  tiger- (I hear these things can happen..)