Both the Monday Workshop and the Wednesday Workshop sold out!

But like I said, if there is enough demand and my schedule allows I would open a Friday session for you!

Well, Friday session is open.
Three one hour live video hangouts for $79.

Starts Friday Oct 3 at 7PM NYT and runs through Oct 17th

This is the last one at this price. After it’s gone, its gone. No exceptions, no more extra days hidden up my sleeve.

I’ll walk you through:

  • Why choosing a gallery is like finding a lifetime partner.
  • My check list to make sure you get don’t get ripped off.
  • Im going to share with you the two biggest mistakes most new artists make when choosing a gallery.
  • I’ll help you get brutally honest with yourself so that when you do approach a gallery you know you are putting your best foot forward.
  • I’ll help you get into the head of the gallery owner so you know exactly what to say, what time to approach them and avoid the four dumbest things they’ve ever heard.
  • Plus I’ll answer your questions.

Grab your spot now.

I’m keeping each course small – maximum of 5 people so you get the attention you deserve.