Finally a program that walks you step by step through the process of developing a relationship with the right gallery.

This Online Workshop Starts Wednesday, October 15th at 7pm Eastern and runs through Oct. 29th.

If you have been thinking about approaching a gallery with your work, and you are serious about your art, don’t miss this exclusive workshop:

How to Develop a Relationship with the Right Gallery.

You can do this

  • Even if you have never shown your work before.
  • Even if you don’t have a gallery in mind yet.
  • Even if you feel awkward meeting new people.
  • Even if the idea of talking to a gallery owner terrifies you.

Most artists think – or hope – that if they make great art, galleries will come pounding on their door. You do need to make great art, but if you wait for galleries to come to you, you’ll be waiting a long, long time.

They think they have to pay their dues, and put up with years of shady gallery owners in order to get into top galleries. It’s true that your first gallery probably won’t be Mary Boone, but that does not mean you should accept shoddy representation, or settle for a gallery that doesn’t suit your needs.

The thought of even talking to gallery owners, conjures up all sorts of anxieties and fears. So much so, that artists come up with a million excuses for why they can’t do it:

  • I’m shy, I wouldn’t know what to say.
  • I just had a great idea for a new series, once I develop that, I’ll be ready.
  • I don’t have a degree in art, they’ll never accept me.
  • I have a degree in art, but I need a masters before they’ll take me seriously.
  • I can’t approach a gallery because I don’t have large scale paintings.
  • I can’t approach a gallery because my paintings are all large scale, and small works are what’s selling now.
  • They only take younger artists.
  • They only take older artists.

This workshop will show you how to look at what is blocking you and give you tools to move past your fears.

You’ll have a concrete plan so that when you walk into the gallery, the odds are all stacked in your favor.

You won’t be throwing a dart at the board, or taking chances with any old gallery.

Your focus will be targeted on the right gallery for you.



Antrese Wood

Hi, I’m Antrese, an artist and host of the Savvy Painter podcast.

I’ve been talking to gallerists- asking what artists can do to stand apart. I’ve combined this with my own experiences approaching galleries with my work, along with the recommendations of many other artists.

You get to learn from my mistakes, and the mistakes of many other artists so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

I’m sharing the system I use to develop relationships with galleries with you in a live group workshop.

We’ll meet for 3 Wednesdays at 7PM Eastern.

I’m keeping it small so that you can ask questions and I can answer you specifically. No canned responses that don’t really help.

I’ll walk you through:

  • Why choosing a gallery is like finding a lifetime partner.
  • My check list to make sure you get don’t get ripped off.
  • Im going to share with you the two biggest mistakes most new artists make when choosing a gallery
  • I’ll help you get  brutally honest with yourself so that when you do approach a gallery you know you are putting your best foot forward.
  • I’ll help you get into the head of the gallery owner so you know exactly what to say, what time to approach them and avoid the four dumbest things they’ve ever heard.
  • Plus I’ll answer your questions.

After the workshop sessions end, you get a recording of all three of the workshops plus notes and handouts.

This is a win win for both of us.  You get a live call with just me and just a few other artists ( a maximum of 5). You see, I’m going to be perfecting how I present this workshop, and you get exclusive material at the lowest price I’ll ever offer it:

The next time I offer it, it will probably go for $129 – $159.

This is the last session I will offer at the pilot price. After I close registration tomorrow,  you’ll never see this workshop again at this price.

After the course finishes, I’ll make adjustments, improve the course based on your feedback, and make sure it is super clear and concise for the next round. But guess what- the people who sign up for THIS workshop get lifetime access. No matter what I do with it in the future, you are locked in.

Don’t miss out!