Savvy Painter Growth Studio

Because what happens on your canvas is a direct reflection of what's happening in your mind.

As an artist, you have this amazing gift of imagination and storytelling. 

You’re really good at taking ideas and bringing them to life.

You are a visionary.

You see beauty that most other people would not even notice.

You think things, you envision them, you make them so clear and real in your head, and then you bring them to life in your physical world.

That’s your superpower

It’s so automatic, you often don’t even recognize when you’re using it.

But here’s the thing: Your ability to think something and then make it real doesn’t just apply to the images you create on your canvas. 

It applies to other areas of your art practice (and your life).

So when you have results you don’t want…

… or you don’t have results that you DO want…

Your superpower is at play.

Your thoughts and ideas about who you are as an artist directly impact how you show up in your studio.

That superpower of yours works both ways, my friend.

That’s why you want to make sure that you’re using it FOR yourself instead of AGAINST yourself.

That’s why you want to curate your thoughts so that what you create in your art practice is intentional.

Becoming the artist who is confident, who creates freely, and is comfortable talking about your work is easier than you think.

Yes! You can...

  • RECOGNIZE and TRUST your voice and use it confidently

  • Feel comfortable telling people your art is for sale (and the price)

  • Bring play back into the studio and paint more freely
  • Bounce back quickly and easily from rejection ( “no” is just data)
  • Start (and finish) that series you keep dreaming about
  • CONFIDENTLY show your work anywhere
  • Own your business savvy (without the fear of selling out)

  • Keep resistance, perfectionism, and the inner critic out of your studio so you can FOCUS and be a PROLIFIC painter.

No one taught us these skills in art school. 

Good news. I can help you.

Welcome to Growth Studio

I’ll show you how to create confidence in the studio (without faking it), create your most authentic work, and how to continually level up your skills.

You’ll have the tools to clear out the mental clutter and start each painting session with a clean mind. Free of all the voices of past instructors, self doubt, and poisonous thoughts that silence your true authentic voice.

It’s your time.

Here's What's waiting for you inside:

Every week there is a live event happening in Growth Studio! And if you miss it or just want to watch it again, I've got you covered - recordings of all events are available within 24 hours of the event.

Live Group Coaching

When your mind tells you that you won't be able to figure out that painting, or that there is no common thread within your work, you can hop on a coaching call and hear how other artists are thinking about that exact same issue and learn from their coaching OR you can raise your hand and learn why your brain keeps going to that specific place and what you can do about it today.

The transformation and validation you receive in group coaching when you show up, listen deeply and do the work is mind blowing. And we do it every single week!


Get feedback on your painting, without compromising your vision. You’ll learn how to create focus, direct the viewer’s eye where you want it to go, create the mood you’re wanting to convey or understand how to make sure that white couch sits back in the shadows.

When you know your painting "isn't working" but you're not sure exactly why - I've got you!

In Growth Studio, every week, you have the opportunity to get live feedback!

Growth Studio is for you if...

  • You want to create work that is authentically yours.
  • You’re tired of apologizing and justifying your choice to be an artist.
  • You want to show your work without worrying about what other people might think or say.
  • You want to CONFIDENTLY talk about your work and tell people where people can buy it. (Because after all, you DO want to sell your work, right?)

In order for you to do all of that consistently and authentically, you need to know your own mind and know how to manage it. 

Every artist has different views and tolerance levels for putting themselves out there and marketing their work. The key is learning what that means for YOU! 

The good news is, you have this amazing tool called the human brain. It is always working -  either for you or against you.

Most of us have never been taught how to manage our minds so that they consistently work for us. This is the one thing that I really wish I had been taught in grade school. I seriously think everyone should be fluent in these tools. It would make things so much easier!

I will teach you how to “rewire” your brain so that you...
  • Build your confidence as a painter. 
  • Get clear on your voice
  • Have your own back (no beating yourself up)
  • Show your work confidently (to a gallery, on social media, or in person events) knowing that no matter what happens, you can handle it.
  • Do what you say you will do when you say you will do it  without second guessing your decision.
  • Learn a unique way of seeing your practice that empowers you to blow your own mind.
These are some of the essential tools we will focus on in depth over the next several months in LIVE classes.

Join Growth Studio and transform your studio practice

About Antrese

I’ve had the advantage of working at Disney with some of the most creative minds in the entertainment industry. After 10 years of providing art direction on video game titles to artists all over the world, I got really good at quickly seeing problems and clearly articulating how to make high-quality paintings.

I'm also a Certified LCS Life Coach, and a Deep Dive Coach, which allows me to help you get to the root cause of all the tricks your brain tries to pull. I'll show you exactly what your thoughts are creating and teach you the tools to create lasting habits you'll use for the rest of your life.

This rare combination of practical art skills and cognitive behavior studies ensures you get concrete results. My time is precious, I reserve it for Growth Studio members who want access to to me and lessons I curated from decades of my own experiences and years of study. It took me years of hard, focused work to bring it all together into this program for you and I’m positive you’ll make huge leaps in your painting and your art business.

Got Questions?

I'm sure you do!

When does Growth Studio start?

You get immediate access that means you can start watching lessons right away or learn from your peers by checking out our library of critique videos. You also get access to my past lessons.

Do I get direct access to Antrese?

Yes! Every month we have live Zoom calls where you can ask her anything about your studio practice, gallery shows, your painting series, or any of the mindset lessons.

Plus you can sign up for a critique session - three times a month you have the opportunity to get your work critiqued live.

Want to work privately with Antrese? Antrese has a limited number of one on one clients. Email to see if spots are available.

When are Live events?

Live events are held weekly and all events (Office Hours, Live Lessons, and Critiques) are recorded so that you can watch them later if you can't attend live.

In order to serve the most people, I alternate the times so that members in the US, UK, and Australia have the opportunity to attend live.

We meet live on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Will I have time to do this?

If you have a minimum of 2-3 hours per week to invest in yourself, then yes! Obviously, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

Group Coaching sessions, critiques, and live teachings are one hour.

What if I am in Growth Studio but I can’t make one of the Live Events?

No worries - I've got you covered!

All sessions are recorded, you can watch them whenever it’s convenient for you. 

Recordings are available about 24 hours after the live session ends.

“My hesitation is in myself. I’m afraid I won’t follow through.”

I hear you. It’s tough sometimes. I’m after progress, not perfection. You will be surrounded by other artists who are also working right alongside you and are there to lift you up.

What if I'm an Introvert?

Many of our members are introverts, but since Growth Studio is a private and safe space, you'll find that you will open up to the other amazing people:

“My experience was that everyone was very supportive of each other. Those connections, I still have a lot of those connections. We like each other's stuff on Facebook and support each other. I know that one person was in a show and got some awards. It's just so nice to see people sharing that part because you know that they're excited. It's such a wonderful thing to see someone glow and to cheer them on.” ~Kaethe B

I don't know what questions to ask

Laura felt JUST like you! Here is how she overcame her fear:

Can I quit anytime I want?

Yes, if you cancel your subscription you have access until the end of your billing cycle. However, you cannot rejoin Growth Studio for one year.

Can I pause my subscription?

No. When you join, you become part of a special group of artists who are committed to growth. We depend on each other so we don't want people bouncing in and out.

Still have questions?

I'm happy to help! I can usually get your answer to you within 24 hours. Please be patient if you submit your question on a Friday, I might not see it until Monday morning depending on what time zone you're in 😊

Here is what people are saying about

Growth Studio

Here is what people are saying about

working with Antrese

"Antrese brought a unique level of insight and genuine caring to each participant, which I so much appreciated. She made everyone feel comfortable and supported, like a dear friend, but also knew when to break out some tough love, like a compassionate mentor that really cares about your evolution.”

~ Laura

"Within a few months of Antrese’s course on getting into a gallery, I not only got into one, but had a successful solo show.

She helped me break that self-imposed limited thinking and move along a more productive path. Not everyone’s going to have the same result, but everyone will take away something liberating. She’s really good at re-directing your thinking.”

~ Rhonda

Antrese is so down to earth. It's like having a good friend to talk to. I mean, she's an artist, so of course, she understands. She's bringing up the right questions. 

When you talk outside the group, people don't get it because "you're so lucky you're an artist!" And we are! Yet, there's still all these challenges. I'm very thankful that she put the program together. She's very organized and to the point.

~ Kathleen

Join Growth Studio and transform your studio practice