An introverted artist who builds her confidence and speaks in front of an audience of her peers.

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Kaethe Bealer is an artist from Northern California. She lives on a boat in the East Bay, outside of San Francisco, where she paints using acrylics and oils. Her subjects are the marina, interiors, figures and still life, or a response to what surrounds her.

Bobbing For Pumpkins
Bobbing For Pumpkins

It’s lonely being an artist.

We work alone in our studios (or on our boats!) and while that solitude is essential for creating deep meaningful work, at times it feels isolating and lonely.

Kaethe realized two things would really help her as a painter. One was to connect with other artists, people who would understand her struggles and who she could share her challenges with. The other was to gain confidence sharing her art and talking about why she makes it.

After listening to the Savvy Painter Podcast, for over a year and a half, Kaethe realized that her opinions about painting and her sometimes conflicting feelings about being an artist are shared by many other artists. Knowing that she is not alone gave her a little bit of hope and confidence. She started to realize that she could be more courageous and put herself out more.

So when the Mindset Mastery program opened up, Kaethe knew it was an investment in herself that would be well worth it. But she had some hesitations to overcome. It was hard for her to imagine, as an introvert, being comfortable sharing in a group setting.

Kaethe came out of her shell and was able to overcome her shyness and became an integral part of the group conversations. She learned to trust that what she had to say was important and that other artists got value from her input. Her confidence grew and continued to grow after the program.

“I see challenges now as opportunities, not punishment.”

As Kaethe will tell you, your fears become your challenges. And before the Mindset Mastery program, Kaethe perceived challenging situations as bad, something she had to endure.

She saw the challenge of speaking publicly about her art as a punishment that came with being an artist.

But as she worked through the program, Kaethe’s mindset shifted and her perception changed. She began to see things differently, she learned to tame her inner critic, and face some of her fears head on.

Slowly, Kaethe started to see challenges as opportunities rather than punishment.

Since the workshop, Kaethe has made some incredible progress. She was even invited to an invitation-only show at the Studio Gallery in the San Francisco.

She also exhibited 30 paintings at the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton, CA. She sold half the paintings. Her biggest challenge with that show was not getting the paintings done. She was asked to give a talk to a group of artists after.


Learn how Mindset Mastery helped Kaethe’s painting process in her own words:

Now when Kaethe gets a visit from her INNER CRITIC, it doesn’t stop her creative process:

Kaethe knew that the way she was behaving did not match who she wanted to be. Most people want to sweep that under the rug, but Kaethe found the courage to face her struggles head on.

What gives someone the strength to do that? When you dig deep and look at why you do the things you do- or why you don’t, it can be scary. And as Kaethe mentioned in that video, it requires some thinking.

I’m going to tell you a little secret. When you peel that onion and look into your challenges, make sure you are peeling the right onion.

Your strength comes not just from knowing what your challenges are, it comes from knowing what those struggles prevent you from doing and most important: why that matters to you.

For Kaethe, the challenge was putting herself out there, trusting that what she has to say is important, and not allowing her inner critic to sabotage her bravery.

That challenge kept her quiet about her work. It caused her to hesitate when she had valuable information that would help other artists. It silenced her when potential collectors asked about her work.

Now if Kaethe had just peeled the layers back to where she understood what her struggles prevented her from doing, and stopped there, it would have just left her stuck and even more frustrated.

She persevered and pushed through until her mindset shifted.

When we learn to see challenges as opportunities, rather than a ‘punishment’ our world opens up.

'Big Pink Rose' by Kaethe Bealer
‘Big Pink Rose’ by Kaethe Bealer

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