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Need help with funding your art?

After moving to Argentina, I wanted to get to know my new home, and painting it is the best way I know to really get to know a place.

I created a painting project called A Portrait of Argentina. I would travel to all the provinces (24 of them) painting portraits and landscapes along the way.

What stood in my way? Funding.

So I created a Kickstarter project and successfully raised $25,000 to make
my dream project a reality.

I created a checklist so you can do the same thing!

Download the checklist

Plein Air Gear Guide

Plein Air Gear Guide
This is the checklist I use when I go out painting. I used to find myself scrambling to find things before I left to go plein air painting or worse, getting to an awesome spot with perfect light only to realize I left something behind.

Now I keep a backpack loaded and ready to go so that I know everything I need is ready to go, and when I get back home, I quickly go through the list, clean and replace anything that needs it and I’m ready for the next trip.

This is the bare minimum I take with me, no frills no extra colors or equipment.

Download your Plein-Air Gear Guide”

Savvy Painter Toolbox


These are the tools I use to keep the business side of art (and this podcast) going. They make my life so much easier by automating the boring stuff so I can spend more time painting, keep me organized and help me handle my social media accounts.

Download your Toolbox

Essential Tips for Artists V1

Essential Tips-2

A compilation of quotes from guests on the Savvy Painter podcast. There have been so many great interviews with artists who have shared fantastic tips and insights after years of painting. Find out what top artists wish they had known earlier, how they manage their studios and get heaps of inspiration from their insights on painting and creativity.

Click here to download the ebook.

How to Critique Your Own Painting.

How to Critique Your Own Painting
What questions should you be asking yourself when you are standing in front of the easel? This is a collection of questions I use to critique my own work as well as what jurors use to evaluate paintings in art competitions.

Click here to download your cheat sheet.

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