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Gamblin Artist's Colors

Gamblin’s mission is to lead oil painting and printmaking into the future. That means they are crafting materials as they ought to be, not just as they have been. Their luscious colors and contemporary mediums are true to historic working properties, yet safer and more permanent. Gamblin is here to serve today’s painters.

We’re proud to have Gamblin as a supporter because they are so dedicated to providing safe products that are deeply rooted in painting history. Savvy Painters will love their wide selection of mediums which all work together within their product line so you never need to worry about mixing the wrong ones together. They have every kind of white you could ever need, and even make permanent versions of pigments that traditionally fade over time.

Not sure what all that means? Listen to these two episodes:

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Trekell Art Supplies

Trekell offers sensibly-priced art supplies conveniently shipped to your door. For over 30 years, Trekell has been obsessed with the art of brush making they’ve been testing and tweaking their brushes to get the perfect balance, flow and snap. Both their brushes and panels are made right here in California at their Hesperia factory.

Savvy Painter listeners will love experimenting with and choosing the perfect brushes and exquisite panels for their needs. Trekell even has specialty designed brush sets put together by professional artists!

Doc Martin's Liquid Colors

Since 1934 Dr. Ph. Martin’s has specialized in putting the tools in the hands of artists that allow them to create their life’s best work. For over 80 years, chemists at Dr. Ph. Martin’s have worked tirelessly on creating the best liquid watercolors, inks, and other color products. Dr. Ph. Martin’s products are world renowned for their vivid colors, special properties, and ability to work across mediums.

The iconic round and square glass bottles come in sets of twelve or fourteen, giving artists an unparalleled dynamic range of brilliant colors to work with. Dr. Ph. Martin’s dye and pigment based products let you experience a range of color otherwise unattainable through its products Radiant Concentrated, Spectralite Liquid Acrylics, Hydrus Fine Art Watercolors, Iridescent Calligraphy Colors, and Bombay India Inks.

We are proud to have Dr. Ph. Martin’s as a supporter of the podcast, because not only do they make top of the line artist supplies, they make it easy to enjoy a wide variety of their products with many curated sets. You may just want to purchase them all!


FASO knows that artists must create. Your art is powerful, and must be seen. So when you join FASO, they empower you with the resources to make that happen. FASO provides you with a website, a newsletter, a blog, a social network. It’s a place for people who love art. It’s a movement. It’s a 21st century artist’s guild, atelier, juried exhibition, and marketing workshop rolled into one.

It’s their mission to inspire the world’s artists, collectors and art lovers by connecting them with each other and with great art through artists websites and marketing opportunities. They know that art transforms lives for the better, and we’re here to nurture and inspire artists to make the world a better place.

We are thrilled to team up with FASO. They truly understand artists and are solving a true need for thousands of artists with their website, network, and marketing services.

Get a FASO Artist Website and $200 Worth of BoldBrush Ad Credits for Only $99 Your First Year! Plus they’ll Even Build Your Artist Website for You!

Picture Salon

Picture Salon is a giclee printing company who has been working with artists, photographers, designers, and fine art museums for over 15 years. Picture Salon offers the highest quality services for giclee reproductions on paper and canvas, scanning and proofing original work, photo retouching, graphic design services, and custom mat cutting.

You don’t live near their Wisconsin location? Order online for signed prints, or utilize their drop shipping services to deliver straight to your customers… your job is done once you place your order! Let Picture Salon’s superior quality and service make reproducing your artwork easy!

Picture Salon is giving Savvy Painter listeners 20% off first time orders using code “Savvy20 ” at checkout!

SO Much Gratitude!

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They help keep our studios more creative, safer, more efficient, and of the highest quality!