Leonardo da Vinci Once Said:

One can have no smaller or greater mastery, than mastery of oneself.


This idea is present on so many levels in our lives. While painting— it means keeping the inner critic at bay so we can create. It means mastering our thoughts so that we maintain presence and focus. It means mastering our impulses to check Facebook or email when we should be present with another person, or our art.

So I created this design with this quote as a reminder to myself, and to you-  to pause and act with intention instead of reacting without thought; and to choose kindness rather than beating ourselves up when our actions remind us that we are, in  fact, human.




Vincent VanGogh:



Van Gogh was haunted by many demons and it was his painting practice that gave him peace and vitality.

I don’t know about you, but I am sometimes prone to giving other peoples needs priority over my own. It sneaks up on me, an hour here or there from my studio time seems innocuous. But it adds up, and when I don’t honor my studio time, I suffer, and frankly so do the people I love. This quote by Van Gogh is my reminder that if I want to feel alive, I need to honor and protect my painting practice.


Albert Einstein

My favorite wild haired scientist, Albert Einstein once said:


I can come up with any number of interpretations for that one, but the literal one is just fine by itself.

Follow Your Heart.

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