Hollis Dunlap

Figurative Painter Hollis Dunlap

the devil in the details

Hollis Dunlap is a figurative painter from Eastern Connecticut, he paints modern paintings with a strong influence of old masters from Caravaggio to Vermeer.

Hollis and I talk about the genius of Michelangelo and how he and other masters have influenced Hollis’s work. We talk about the idealization of great masters, and the unlikely parallels between Van Gogh and Michelangelo.

Show Highlights:

  • Using goals to drive motivation.
  • ‘Success’, happiness, and leading a balanced life.
  • People’s sometimes conflicted views of money.
  • How Michelangelo’s early years fascinated Hollis and related to his own story.
  • Learning from the strength of Michelangelo’s work and tapping into his devotion.
  • Translating work from a model into a finished pose
  • How Hollis continually explores and pushes his work by following the lead of Renaissance artists- Hint: they don’t copy the model, the interpret it.
  • The artist’s connection with models- how does that impact the final piece?

Other Artists Mentioned:

Hollis’s Work:


a study of susan

afternoon interior

blue skies

figure study

girl in red and blue

man in the dark

thinker, bottle, and skull

only you

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