Let’s Talk Money with Luna Jaffe


Luna Jaffe is an artist and a certified financial planner.

Luna drops some real gems in this episode. We are going to talk about why artists feel handicapped when it comes to managing money, exercises from Luna’s  program ‘Wild Money’ that have empowered her clients and demolished long held scripts that were holding them back.

People can be afraid to talk about money and the specifics of their financial situation. At the end of the interview, we talk about creating a safe group of peers to help empower you and keep you accountable towards your financial goals.

I am a huge proponent of accountability groups and I can tell you that when they are created carefully, they work wonders, so I want you to pay special attention to that part of the conversation towards the end of the interview.

Luna’s book, Wild Money is available in both print and digital versions, and you can get the first two chapters free at lunajaffe.com. You can also find out more about the financial planning services Luna offers at lunariafinancial.com .

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