Cameron Schmitz

Part 1: Cameron Schmitz on Galleries & Collectors

Cameron Schmitz in her studio

Cameron Schmitz has a brilliant balance, what I called her trifecta:

  • She actively exhibits her work across the country
  • She teaches painting at The River Gallery School in Vermont
  • She is the gallery curator at the Drawing Room Art Gallery in Cos Cob Connecticut

As you will hear, Cameron is as devoted to her own painting as she is to sharing other artists work and the joy of creating.

Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, Cameron has a studio in Massachusetts where she lives with her husband and daughter.

This is part one of a two part interview. In this segment, we talk about:

  • What it means to be a professional artist.
  • How the audience plays a critical role.
  • How her ‘trifecta’ plays into her experiences as an artist.
  • Why many artists stop making art.
  • Common threads Cameron has noticed from supporting so many other artists.
  • Events Cameron holds at the Drawing room that gets collectors and artists excited about the art.


Connect with Cameron:
Cameron’s page on Facebook
The Drawing Room

Artists mentioned in this episode:
David Dunlop

The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room
The Drawing Room
Artist Dinner at the Drawing Room
Artist Dinner
The Drawing Room
The Drawing Room

2014-10-21 12.20.46

2014-10-21 12.21.55


Distilled Exhibit DSC_5468 For website

Cameron’s Paintings

Window Light
Window Light
Spring's Arrival
Spring’s Arrival
The Beauty She Finds
The Beauty She Finds

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