Carol Marine

Daily Paintworks founder Carol Marine

Carol Marine and Antrese Wood talk about daily painter Carol Marine’s journey from the gallery circuit to founding her own painter’s site. Carol started painting daily while her newborn napped and eventually found the short spurts of painting time was more liberating than constraining.

Do you have a daily painting habit? I’d love to hear how it has changed your paintings share what you have learned in the comments section below.



Show Highlights:

  • How a newborn and a limited schedule transformed Carol’s painting career.
  • What Carol learned by going small and embracing ‘failure’.
  • Carol shares her tactics for painting with a small child in the house.
  • What Carol does to clear her mind when the inspiration to paint just isn’t there.
  • How Carol shifted her mindset from thinking she was a ‘spoiled princess’ and began taking care of herself.
  • What artists can learn by examining their resistance.
  • How Carol launched a new business and took control of her painting sales.
  • Why interacting with other artists is essential to growing as an artist.
  • Understanding the difference between practice
  • What do you do with all the paintings that don’t work out? Call some friends, grab a bottle of wine, and have a destruction party!
  • How Carol (and I ) deal with online critics and anonymous ‘haters’.

Carole Marine-persistence

Books Mentioned:

Connect with Carol and see her Work:

Carol’s Blog

Daily Paint Works


'Marmalade' by artist Carol Marine on the Savvy Painter podcast
'Plum Plate' by artist Carol Marine on the Savvy Painter podcast
Plum Plate
'Bulb Bits' by Carol Marine on the Savvy Painter
Bulb Bits

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