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If you have been listening to this show for a while, you may have noticed that I am deeply fascinated by the artist mindset. Meaning how our perceptions color our art.

I’ve discovered in these past two years that top performers in the artist community are deeply in tune with their mindset and our perceptions affect what happens on the canvas.

So I’m fascinated by Chris Gallego’s thoughts that what sometimes causes problems in a painting is not necessarily a problem with the subject, but more likely an issue with him. For example, when he looks inward, he might find that he is trying too hard, or he’s not really interested in the subject, or maybe he is is just not all that focused.

According to Chris, success or failure of any piece of art has to do with the way he is thinking and what is happening with him emotionally – its his ability to manage what’s happening internally. So the painting or drawing ends up being a reflection of his state of mind.

Think about that. It’s powerful stuff.

The reason this is so powerful is because it gives you, the artist, total control… and responsibility for your work.
Chris and I explore where ideas come from. We discuss, the mental work of painting how coming up with a great idea, cannot be forced in the same way that physical work can be forced. Meaning, even if you don’t feel like it, you can sort of force yourself to go for a walk, or head over to the gym. Ideas on the other hand need to be coaxed, you, the artist need to be present and aware in order to even notice when inspiration presents itself.

Chris is an artist from New York, his work has been shown at several galleries on the East Coast, including the Drawing Room (you may remember hearing about that gallery in my interview with Cameron Schmitz), Seraphin Gallery, New Britain Museum of American art and more. He has received awards and honors from the New York Foundation for the Arts, Pollock Krasner Foundation, Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation and more.

Chris will be teaching a workshop this summer at JSS in Civita, click here for more information.

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10th Avenue Crosswalk
10th Avenue Crosswalk
Painting by Christopher Gallego: 'Lake Clara, detail'
Lake Clara, detail
Painting by Christopher Gallego: "Studio Interior"
Studio Interior
Painting by Christopher Gallego: 'Surf'
Painting by Christopher Gallego: 'Small Studio Jar'
Small Studio Jar

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