How do I find an episode?

The easiest way to find an episode is to head over to the podcast page and use the search bar. You can search for a specific artist or keyword to help narrow down years of Savvy Painter interviews!

How often do you publish new episodes?

I publish a new episode every other Thursday.

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How do I recommend a guest?

Guest recommendations are my favorite way for me to identify new artists to interview! If you know the perfect person for the podcast, use this link to recommend one!

Please understand that as much as I’d like to, I may not be able to get to ALL of them! I enjoy reading through each one and love to hear from all of you. I appreciate your patience and understanding – this is the ONLY place where I look for your suggestions!

How do you select sponsors?

For a full list of sponsors, check out our sponsors page!

We are careful to identify sponsors that we believe would be helpful and resonate most with listeners. We look for companies that solve problems for artists such as supplies, prints, websites, etc. Each sponsor we take on for the podcast values YOU, the artist, and we know you will love what they have to offer!

I've learned so much from this podcast and I want to take the next step. How can I do that?

I’m so glad you asked! A few times a year, I open up applications to the Savvy Painter Growth Studio, my membership-only community full of incredible resources such as monthly courses, creativity challenges, one on one mentorship, monthly group office hour sessions, painting critiques, and access to a community of other like minded individuals.

How can I support the podcast?

Without listeners like you, this podcast would not be possible! We appreciate any kind of support you are able to give. Here are some great ways you can help out:

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