David Gray

Self Portrait by David Gray
David Gray, Self Portrait

Artist David Gray is my guest this week. His classical realist paintings have appeared in Southwest Art, Art of the West, and American Art Collector.

Antrese and David talk about how being an artist is really being an entrepreneur.  In this episode David shares how he accidentally discovered the power of social media to connect with both students and collectors.

We also talk about the pressure of supporting a family and making a living as an artist while creating meaningful art.


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an Alla Prima study
an Alla Prima study
'Still Life With Blue And Copper'
‘Still Life With Blue And Copper’
'Off The Edge'
‘Off The Edge’
'Egg And Feather 1'
‘Egg And Feather 1’
'Deer Skull and Drapery'
‘Deer Skull and Drapery’
'Bue And Gray'
‘Bue And Gray’
'Another Day Dream'
‘Another Day Dream’

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