Artists Figurative Media Oil Podcast Episodes Series

David Shevlino, Part 2

David Shevlino on Savvy Painter

Part 2: Figurative painter David Shevlino talks about his diver series and how he chooses his subjects, plus a cautionary tale about maintaining your integrity as an artist even after your work starts to sell and galleries start to pay attention.

Show Highlights:

  • Why David reserves the right to move back and forth between styles
  • Having different approaches from highly designed to textural
  • Why David looks for opportunities to present subjects in a less conventional way
  • Finding ways to take a mundane subject and make it interesting
  • Looking for the spontaneity & movement in still subjects
  • Placing focus on the “in between” moments with a model
  • How David keeps himself from getting bored
  • Advice for staying the course & following your vision

Artist Mentioned:

 George Bellows

Chuck Close

Francis Bacon

David’s Work:

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Figure Blue

Under the Sun, oil on canvas, 40 x 40 Feb 2011