Duane Keiser

Duane Keiser on Building Relationships With Collectors

Duane Keiser Self Portrait

Almost 10 years ago Duane came up with a way to connect directly with his painters and challenge himself creatively.

Using a cigar box easel, Duane made a postcard-sized painting each day and posted them to his blog where collectors could bid on them through eBay.

Since then, Duane has sold somewhere around 1300 paintings, and he has inspired countless artists who have copied his strategy.

Highlights from the show:

  • Duane talks about going against the tide of what people expect.
  • How the internet removes barriers and democratizes art.
  • Getting your art where it’s supposed to be: on collector’s walls.
  • Seeing painting as blue collar work: being responsible for creating your work.
  • “Shut up and work.”
  • Michaelangelo’s advice to his assistant: “Draw Antonio, draw. And do not waste time.” – Click here to Tweet.


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See Duane’s work at his website:


Crossword, Glasses painting by Duane Keiser

Bike Shadows - painting by Duane Keiser

Studio painting by Duane Keiser

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