Jerarde Gutierrez

Empowering Young Artists: An Interview with Artist, Jerarde Gutierrez

Empowering Young Artists: An Interview with Artist, Jerarde Gutierrez

Who was it that inspired and empowered you as you began your journey as an artist? Did you have a family member who nurtured and encouraged your creative aspirations? Maybe it was a peer or a mentor from afar - almost everyone has that special person or group of people who spurred them on as an artist. 

While our world continues to grow more interconnected with the help of the internet, it’s important to remember the critical role of in-person and local art communities and expressions. My guest is someone who benefited from and gives back to local youth initiatives to empower young people on their creative journeys. 

Jerarde Gutierrez is an artist and Arts Program Coordinator as well as a Co-Program Manager of the ACOE IL Dept. Management of program centers around coordination of Integrated Arts Learning spaces at the REACH Ashland Youth Center, a project of Alameda County. Jerarde describes his work as “Rooted in representational painting.” Lately, he has been gravitating towards painting En Plein Air as it allows for fluid brushstrokes, contrasting textures, and interplay of representational and abstraction to capture the essence of a place.

An early push in the creative direction 

Looking back on his start as an artist, Jerarde is quick to point out how much of an impact his mother had on his development. As a crafty and creative person herself, Jerarde’s mother filled him with the confidence and boldness he would need as he entered the art world. After his mother laid a solid foundation, Jerarde was able to work closely with the renowned West Coast muralist, John Wehrle. While Jerarde felt like an annoying mosquito buzzing around and annoying people with his questions, the truth is - their kindness and embrace helped Jerarde grow as an artist by leaps and bounds. 

Giving back 

After receiving so much generosity in his early years from his mother, John Wehrle, and many others - Jerarde jumped at the chance to give back and help others on their journey. These days, Jerarde spends a portion of his time as an Arts Program Coordinator. What Jerarde loves about his work with young people is seeing their potential and then watching that spark fan into a flame of passion and dedication. Can you relate to Jerarde’s story? What do you do to honor those who came before you and paved the way - I want to hear from you! 

Taking the job seriously 

Let’s face it, mastering a technique, or getting a process just right is stressful! Too often, many artists let the overwhelm, self-doubt, fear, and so many other obstacles get in the way of their creative process in the studio. Don’t let these limiting factors rob you of the joy you deserve creating the art you love! Jerarde encourages his students and peers to look at their work as an artist like they would a typical job - put in the time and effort even when you don’t feel like it! You really get the sense that Jerearde practices what he preaches - his artwork is focused and inspiring. Make sure to check out images of Jerarde’s artwork located at the end of this post!

Outline of this episode

  • [4:00] I introduce my guest, Jerarde Gutierrez. 
  • [6:00] How Jerade’s mom and his comic artwork got him into the Richmond Art Center. 
  • [12:00] Jerarde talks about mentorship fatigue. 
  • [14:00] The impact that Jerade’s mother has had on him. 
  • [20:00] Taking the job seriously. 
  • [22:15] Giving back and helping others. 
  • [24:14] Why it’s crucial to learn about the arts. 
  • [33:00] Jerarde talks about how he engages with his students. 
  • [38:00] What does “Deliberate practice” mean? 
  • [43:00] Jerarde opens up about his current obsession. 
  • [50:00] Closing thoughts. 

Other artists mentioned on this episode

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