Errol Gerson

Errol Gerson

Errol Gerson has been teaching entrepreneurship, business and leadership skills to artists and designers for the past 43 years.

He is as passionate about art as he is about business. I was fortunate to take his class while I was a student at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He has had a profound influence on my career, for which I will always be grateful.

Highlights of the show:

  • Why Errol considers himself an extraordinarily selfish human being.
  • When no business software, book, or course will help you.
  • The only word that ends in -u-c-k that Errol despises.
  • Just mention entitlement to Errol… I dare you.
  • The power of gratitude.
  • What 15 minutes a day can do for your career.

The Errol Gerson Challenge:

Leave a comment in the show notes. Imagine you have just met someone and they ask: “What do you do?”

This is not an elevator pitch. Think about why you create and what effect it gives your audience. Use your imagination and power to connect.

How do you answer that question in such a way that the person you are talking to wants to know more?


Books Mentioned:


Artists Mentioned:

Victor Hugo Zayas

Dwight Harmon.
Dwight Harmon

I studied with Dwight at Art Center too. He had an infectious laugh and an incredible sense of humor. He encouraged students to explore the limits of medium, to the fullest, to not be so precious and literal about technique. His death was a huge blow to his family and the art community. It still makes me angry and sad but when I think of Dwight, I think of his enormous smile and that grin he got when he was about to do something outrageous in class. He is missed.

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