Fine Art Prints Q&A, with Jake Hawley from Picture Salon

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Normally when I do these question and answer episodes, I get anywhere from 20 to 30 questions to ask my guest – for this topic – the questions numbered in the 100’s! That’s why I was so grateful, Jake Hawley from Picture Salon was willing to take time out of his schedule to answer many of your questions here on the podcast. In our conversation, Jake touches on file sizes, how to take the best pictures of your art, tips for pricing your fine art prints, and much more. If you’ve ever considered selling prints of your artwork, your next step is to listen to this episode!

Should I buy a large format printer?

Finding a good print shop to work with can be difficult, and you may be tempted to invest in a large format printer to take care of it all yourself. Before you make that investment, understand that while buying a large format printer might work for some artists, the truth is – unless you are planning on using the printer regularly – it’s a poor investment.

How to get the best lighting

The first challenge of getting good fine art prints is taking a high-quality picture of your artwork. Many artists think that snapping a photo on their iPhone will suffice – unfortunately, there are many additional factors to take into consideration. That’s why Jake encourages artists like you to use a tripod when taking a photo of your artwork. Next, he stresses the value of paying close attention to your lighting and how it impacts the image. Finally, if possible, Jake suggests connecting with a professional photographer who has experience photographing fine art for reproduction.

Materials matter

Did you know that the material you choose to have your art printed on can make all the difference? It’s true! In our conversation, Jake’s answers to various material questions took us on a tour of papers, metals, and more. I’ve had first-hand experience working with Jake and his team and he helped me understand paper so I could make an educated choice when printing my art. If you are wondering what type of paper to use with your art – first step is to give Jake a call. At Picture Salon, they’ll help you figure out what paper works best with your art and they’ll even send you some free samples.

Tips for setting a price on fine art prints

If I had one, I had a dozen questions about pricing fine art prints. I get it, putting a price on your artwork can be challenging – especially when it comes to selling prints of your artwork. That’s why Jake shared several tips on accurately pricing your fine art prints. First, Jake suggests pricing a print between 3 and 5 times the cost it took to produce the print. Follow up with Jake and his team at Picture Salon to get more helpful information like this!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:50] First, I welcome my guest, Jake Hawley.
  • [2:00] Then, we talk about what you need to know about setting up a print shop on my website.
  • [5:40] Should I buy a large format printer or just use a print shop?
  • [8:40] Understanding the minimum requirements for a photograph of a painting for reproduction.
  • [15:00] Is there a difference between flat color images and something that is more textured when it comes to file sizes?
  • [19:45] I share a story about trying to ship some of my paintings.
  • [26:45] How to make the best of an under-exposed image.
  • [30:10] Why it’s a good idea to get paper samples before printing.
  • [34:50] The reason lighting is so important when photographing artwork.
  • [43:30] The best way to take a picture of a painting with a glossy finish.
  • [52:50] How large should my photo capture be? What is the best file sizes for art prints?
  • [56:40] Tips to keep an art reproduction safe in high humidity.
  • [59:30] Do you include an invoice when shipping to customers? What about dropshipping?
  • [1:06:30] What is the best way to sell your art?
  • [1:10:20] When blowing up an image 10 times the size, what is a good approach?
  • [1:17:00] The reason it’s a good idea to keep in mind how your customers will hang your art.
  • [1:21:00] Jake shares some helpful tips for pricing your art prints.
  • [1:23:00] How to connect with Jake.

Resources Mentioned on this episode

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Fine Art Prints Q&A | Jacke Hawley Picture Salon | Savvy Painter Podcast Fine Art Prints Q&A | Jacke Hawley Picture Salon | Savvy Painter Podcast

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