James Bland

British Figurative Painter James Bland

James Bland is an English figurative artist who lives and works in Kent. James and Antrese talk about how he uses Facebook to connect with other artists; using memory as a source for painting; how James chooses models and his inventive studio set up. Plus a digression into the addictive quality of making art.


Show Highlights:

  • Tactics James uses to get exposure to outside influences and gain access to new followers.
  • Using social media to spark ideas and ignite creativity.
  • How making big changes in a painting through the process, and saving details for last frees the artist to be more creative.
  • How using memory as a source for your work inspires creative solutions.
  • The parallels between session musicians and painters.
  • How James chooses his models.
  • A glimpse into how James adapts a small studio (hint: check out the photo below!)
  • Are dedicated painters really just addicted to the creative process? How close is that to alcoholism?

Other Artists Mentioned:

James’ Work:


Artist James Bland
James Bland painting a nocturnal landscape
Studio of artist James Bland
Inside the studio of artist James Bland.
Night Studio - James Bland interview on SavvyPainter.com
Night Studio
Small Interior with Cats - James Bland on SavvyPainter.com
Small Interior with Cats
Gran's House - James Bland interview on SavvyPainter.com
Gran’s House
James Bland interview on SavvyPainter.com
The Red Shoes
Full Moon - James Bland interview on SavvyPainter.com
Full Moon
Morning Still Life - James Bland interview on SavvyPainter.com
Morning Still Life

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