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Jon Morrow on Blogging for Artists.

Jon Morrow runs the very poplular Boost Blog Traffic website. He shares actionable tips on writing great content. The kind of content that people can’t help but read and share.

Jon is the former associate editor of another great resource for writing and marketing tips. Not only Has Jon learned from the best, he has put in his 10,000 hours (and probably a lot more than that) to blogging and writing. His hard work has paid off. Jon has tens of thousands of devoted fans signed up on his mailing list. He is a legend in the blogging world.

Jon and I talk about:

  • What artists should think about before starting a blog.
  • Two types of blogs to achieve very different goals.
  • Understanding different blog ‘species’ and how to pick the right strategy.
  • How to nurture your fan base and really connect.
  • Using storytelling to make a lasting impression.
  • A few of the best resources to improve writing and get you started.
  • How to guarantee you get your writing time in.


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