Kurt Moyer

Kurt Moyer
Kurt Moyer

Kurt Moyer is a landscape painter living in upstate New York. He pulls inspiration from nature, and from studying the master paintings that came before us.

As Kurt will tell you, some mysteries in painting don’t need to be solved in order to have a full, rich experience with them. Kurt is content to let some of that be so that he can focus on light, color, and the thread that weaves through his work and ties all the way back to Cezzane, Balthus, George Sorrells, and many other artists.

In this episode Kurt and I talk about seeing. About getting that authentic impression of color and light and not being a slave to your own eyes. We also talk about how new experiences or simply time can completely change the way you look at paintings that maybe you have seen many times before.

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The Road to Amelia 42x48 oil on linen 2015
The Road to Amelia 42×48 oil on linen 2015
Mendon Ponds Woods, 24x36 inches, oil on linen, 2016
Mendon Ponds Woods, 24×36 inches, oil on linen, 2016
Bathers in the Rock Creek, 24x36 inches, oil on linen, 2016
Bathers in the Rock Creek, 24×36 inches, oil on linen, 2016
Four Bathers - Indian Summer 12.25x15.25 oil on linen 2015
Four Bathers – Indian Summer 12.25×15.25 oil on linen 2015
White Walnut with Bluebells 30x24 oil on linen
White Walnut with Bluebells 30×24 oil on linen

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