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Jill Carver is a landscape oil painter and signature member of Plein Air Painters of America. Jill shares what it was like as a British expat in the U.S., plus her transition from academic research at the National Portrait Gallery to full time professional artist. After finding her voice and settling into a new life, Jill merged her love of outdoors with her art. In this episode of the Savvy Painter podcast, Jill shares how she keeps the freshness of plein air studies in her large scale studio work.

Show Highlights:

  • Jill talks to her students about thinking of themselves as poets instead of journalists
  • How being a Curatorial Research Assistant helped develop her critical eye
  • How Jill’s love of the outdoors helps shape her artistic voice
  • Why Jill’s exposure to good art lead her more thoughtful in her work
  • The joy of being a professional artist, signing up for a lifelong journey of learning
  • How Jill uses notans & applies it to her work
  • Jill discusses her process and why it’s important to “show” up
  • Why Jill uses different mediums before starting larger paintings
  • Discussion of Plein Air events & her advice for entering Plein Air shows
  • Transitioning from researching art to her journey becoming a professional artist

Other Links:

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Other Artists Mentioned:

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Forrest Moses

George Carlson

Richard Flanagan (writer)

Eric Aho

John Henry Twatchman

Jill Carver’s Work:


Winter Reflection
Winter Reflection
Autumn Celebration
Autumn Celebration
Sandstone Cedar
Sandstone Cedar
Big Bend Morning
Big Bend Morning

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