Lori Putnam

Plein Air Painter Lori Putnam

Plein Air Painter, Lori Putnam

​An interview with Plein Air Painter Lori Putnam.

If you are a outdoor painter who is looking for examples of how to build your career as a fine art painter, this interview with the artist Lori Putnam illustrates how one artist did it.

Lori shares a heartfelt story of how she went from “starving artist” - grateful to find a five dollar bill on the sidewalk - to designing and building her own studio in Tennessee. All from her income as a plein air painter.

Lori figured out how to build a successful career as a landscape painter

Lori Putnam is dedicated to the craft of painting. She  built her skills, her collector base and a steady stream of students to supplement her income.

After she honed her craft, Lori learned how to market and sell her art so that she could give up her job as a designer and become a full time painter. She was able to bring her love of the outdoors together with her love of painting.

It takes time and effort, but success does follow.

The road to a successful art career feels long, uncertain, and frankly, it seems overwhelming. You have to have a stubborn belief and an almost delusional faith that every moment you invest in your art will pay off. When you’re in the thick of it, at least, it feels that way. Consistency and perseverance does pay off.

Lori devoted enormous time crafting her painting skills, learning how to approach galleries, and how to sell and market her work. Her effort and persistence paid off.

Lori’s landscape paintings have been featured in numerous magazines - including American Art Collector Magazine, Plein Air Magazine, Southwest Art, Fine Art Connoisseur, and Art of the West.


Links to see more of Lori’s work

Lori on Instagram

Lori's Website

Lori's Plein Air Oil Paintings:

Watch Your Step, 18 x 24"

​Watch Your Step, 18 x 24"

Painting by landscape painter Lori Putnum

​Eastpoint Blues

Plein Air painting by Lori Putnum

​Down to the Sea

​Dahlia Days 16 x 20"

An outdoor painting by Lori Putnum


​Castel Sant'Angelomid

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