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Pamela is an author, a business coach, a speaker, a martial artist, the mother of two amazing kids and the bonus mom of a budding artist (or at least that’s my prediction).

I finished her latest book “Body of Work” as my husband and I made the trek across the Patagonia desert on our way home from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

It’s fitting that it was her book I was reading as I come to the end of my project “A Portrait of Argentina”. That’s because Pamela was an enormous help to me when in the middle of my Kickstarter campaign, I panicked. I thought I couldn’t raise the funds to launch this big audacious idea I had. I was sure the campaign was going to fail but Pamela gave me just the right amount of loving encouragement and a smart kick in the pants to put me back on track.

As I thought about my own journey as an artist and extremely creative person, I began to notice “the thread that ties it all together”, as Pamela calls it in “Body of Work”.

Like a sail boat, our lives and our creativity take tacks and turns- we don’t always go in a straight line but each turn moves us forward.

I see little difference between the creativity we artists put into a canvas, and the creativity we use to build our lives. That’s why I’m so excited to have Pam on today and to have the honor of sharing her insights with you.

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