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Julyan Davis
Julyan Davis

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You know that art that you love to make, that personal art that you know won’t sell in galleries? Don’t be discouraged, you aren’t alone! My guest Julyan Davis has a personal collection of art that he makes for himself. This is his way of separating his personal art from what he knows will sell on the marketplace. In our conversation we talk about creating art that no one will ever see, making deep personal connections, professional habits, personal promotion and much more. Julyan also tells the fascinating story of how he made his way from growing up in England to establishing himself as an artist in the American South that you won’t want to miss!

Art that no one will ever see

Would you still make art if no one could ever see it? That’s a difficult and fascinating question. Julyan Davis and I discuss our own answers to this question. It raises an important point, especially with the way that Julyan separates his art. Because of his style and the way that he likes to experiment, Julyan has created two different categories for his art, the personal art, and the public art. He describes two reasons for this separation. One reason is financial because he knows that a lot of his personal art won’t fit with what many collectors are looking for. The second reason for the separation is that the artwork is personal, he makes it for himself.

Making deep connections

In our hyperconnected world, one thing that can get easily left behind is deep and meaningful connections with those around us. The internet with all its wonderful social media brilliance can give us a false sense of personal connection. As artists, we can tend to suffer from this a bit more acutely than others because of our private and at times isolating creative process. Artist Julyan Davis discusses this tendency with me and how he’s taken steps to ensure that he connects relationally with people around him. If you’ve struggled with your sometimes isolating life as an artist, I know this conversation with Julyan will be helpful.

1 key to success and growth as an artist; Habit

There is no one right way or formula for success that will work for every artist. You have to find what works for you. Often one of the best ways to find your own path is to hear how others have found theirs. Julyan Davis goes through his typical day in the studio and explains that regularly practiced habits have contributed to his own growth and success. He has also created self-imposed deadlines that help him stay focused and on schedule. The last piece of insight that Julyan shares is how he pushes himself to learn about subjects that challenge him. Hearing how Julyan has grown as an artist over the years inspired me and I hope it has that same effect on you too!

Promote Your Art

With so many “Done for you” solutions out there in the marketplace for small business owners, one key aspect can get left behind, self-promotion. As an artist, you’ve got to promote yourself and your artwork. You can’t rely on “Being discovered.” You have to get out there and be your best advocate. This doesn’t mean you have to be egotistical and self-centered about it. If you’ve created something from your heart, a part of your story you want to share with the world then go for it! Artist Julyan Davis is a huge fan of this direct approach and he encourages as many artists as he can to adopt it.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:45] My introduction today’s guest, Julyan Davis.
  • [2:30] Julyan’s start in his art career.
  • [4:20] Early artistic influences for Julyan.
  • [7:00] Julyan talks about visiting the American South in the 80’s.
  • [14:00] The decision to stay and put down roots in America.
  • [16:00] How Julyan established himself as an artist in a new country.
  • [19:00] Making art to show but not necessarily to sell.
  • [24:30] Why did Julyan land in the South? How important is location to the artist?
  • [26:00] The importance of making deep connections with others.
  • [33:30] Julyan’s typical day in the studio.
  • [35:30] Would you continue to paint if no could ever see it?
  • [44:30] Julyan talks about the “Murder Ballads”
  • [47:00] What living artist’s painting would Julyan like to own?
  • [52:00] One habit that contributes to Julyan’s growth and success as an artist.
  • [55:50] An important piece of advice from Julyan.


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Holcomb Creek Falls
Stonington After Rain
Stonington After Rain
"What makes you sleep so sound?" (Ballad Series)
“What makes you sleep so sound?” (Ballad Series)
Wildwood Flower (Ballad series)
Wildwood Flower (Ballad series)


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Gold Couch
Greensboro, Alabama
Greensboro, Alabama
Antique Shop Stairwell
'To Grow in the Sick Tree’s Path’ Triptych (Ballad series)
‘To Grow in the Sick Tree’s Path’ Triptych (Ballad series)
'Son Premier Son’ (Her First care) Demopolis series
‘Son Premier Son’ (Her First care) Demopolis series

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