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  1. Ironically after redesigning my entire website and blog I realized that I probably need two. A few weeks later I stumbled upon your website and this podcast and yes it is confirmed I do need two blogs. Now to clarify each of those and what topics each audience needs and will draw in traffic.

    Thanks for the podcast. I missed Jon Morrow’s blog website….please post that

    What are the most read or searched about blog topics related to art? What are the top 25 art blogs?

  2. Antrese, this was a great reminder of the benefits of a writing practice and the purpose behind blogging. Even though Jon isn’t a painter, his words were totally applicable. Thank you for collecting such a wonderful and diverse group of people for your podcasts!

    • Thanks Tony! There’s so much great information out there- and so many different perspectives. I find it helpful to look from different angles, and take what’s relevant from each. We’re all on our own paths even when we’re headed in the same direction.

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