Sean Cheetham

Sean Cheetham, self portrait
Sean Cheetham, self portrait

Sean Cheetham grew up surrounded by artists and encouraged to create. He studied illustration at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and quickly began teaching and showing his art. Sean and Antrese talk about his portraits of friends, and how painting became sort of a diary of his life.

Sean talks about entering art contests, his experience with the BP Portrait contest. On the one hand these contests can be great opportunities for exposure, on the other hand- they can get expensive quickly.

Tunnel vision with your art career often leads to burnout. Sean shares his other creative outlets that help him stay on track, and why these creative outlets are categorically not for sale. They allow him to get back to the place where he is creating for himself first.

Sean Cheetham is a portrait artist, originally from San Francisco. He now splits his time between San Francisco and L.A.

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Sean’s Paintings, Knives, & Paintbrushes

Gonna Hang Me in the Mornin'-2013 oil on panel 30x45"
Gonna Hang Me in the Mornin’-2013 oil on panel 30×45″
Gretchen and Roscoe
Gretchen and Roscoe
Modelo Especial-2013 oil on panel 21x14"
Modelo Especial-2013 oil on panel 21×14″
Portrait of Chantal Menard
Portrait of Chantal Menard
Racer 5-oil on panel 54x48"
Racer 5-oil on panel 54×48″
Ratcliff- 2014 oil on panel 9x12"
Ratcliff- 2014 oil on panel 9×12″
Forging knives as a new creative outlet.
Forging knives as a new creative outlet.
Sean's new project
Sean’s new project



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