Kirstine Reiner Hansen

Thriving as a Self Taught Artist, with Kirstine Reiner Hansen

An interview with Kirstine Reiner Hansen on
Kirstine Reiner Hansen

Kirstine Reiner Hansen is an artist with a vibrant story. On this episode of Savvy Painter, I have the pleasure of sitting down with Kirstine to discuss her successful and thriving career as a “Self taught artist.” Our discussion ranges from the pros and cons of getting a Masters in Fine Arts (MFA), her experience as a self taught painter, keeping her audience updated, and making a substantial shift in her method and style of painting. Kirstine is a generous and gracious guest and I believe you will learn a lot from her wealth of knowledge and insight. Make sure to listen to this episode of Savvy Painter!

Is it important to keep your audience invested and interested in your work?

In the social media age, how important is it to keep your audience interested? I get the wonderful opportunity to sit down with artist Kirstine Reiner Hansen to discuss the importance of updating and including your audience on your journey. Much of our thinking around this idea is just reminding our audience that we are still around and working out our creative process. This can take the form of snapping a picture of a paint brush and posting it Instagram or giving them an exclusive “Peek” on our upcoming project. In this new global and interconnect society, artists need to think about the steps they can take to ensure their audience is engaged.

What is it like being a self-taught artist

Discovering your vocation doesn’t usually come easy most people. For those who find their “calling” easily, even that can be fraught with uncertainty. Kirstine Reiner Hansen discovered her passion and calling as an artist. As she has developed and grown as an artist and has experienced different art communities, Kirstine has struggled with the fact that she never procured her Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) degree. This is a hotly debated issue among many artists, is the MFA really necessary to have a credible and successful career as an artist? Kirstine came to the conclusion that for her, even though it would be nice, the MFA is not necessary.

Making the shift from observational to photo reference.

Leaving a style or way of doing things for so long can be difficult. Not many people enjoy and embrace change. One of the keys to moving from a place of comfort to a new and possibly better place is understanding that your current location is unacceptable. Kirstine Reiner Hansen understood this truth. She had been practicing an observational form of painting for many years but soon realized that she need to make a change. It wasn’t easy and it took a lot of courage and boldness to push into a new realm of painting. She now uses photo references in her painting and she is thrilled that she made the change.

An unconventional method of painting

Every artist has their own unique way of preparing themselves before they approach the canvas. I found Kirstine Reiner Hansen’s approach to her projects rather unconventional. As she prepares her canvas and other items (she uses collage work as well), Kirstine closes her eyes and picks objects at random and then figures out how to incorporate them into her work. She feels that it is the only way she can be fresh and present her work as surprising. The most exciting aspect for Kirstine about working this way is that she sees her work as a sort of intuitive puzzle. She has to stay very alert to figure out what step to take next.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:36] Background of guest: Kirstine Reiner Hansen.
  • [2:01] I introduce Emily Leonard.
  • [2:25] Early inspirations in art.
  • [5:10] Self-promotion as an artist.
  • [7:18] Kirstine talks about a personal success.
  • [10:54] A shift in technique and style.
  • [22:31] Does Kirstine struggle with insecurity being a self-taught artist?
  • [28:32] Keeping your audience updated.
  • [31:52] Why was the shift from using observational to photo reference difficult?
  • [36:50] What is Kirstine’s process for painting?
  • [46:33] What is Kirstine working on right now?

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An interview with the artist Kirstine Reiner Hansen on



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