Walt Morton

The Secret Notebooks of Walt Morton

Walt Morton

Former ad creative exec Walt Morton gave himself a challenge: 10 years to dedicate himself entirely to his art. He keeps copious detailed notes on his thinking, and dissects the work of other artists to clarify exactly what he likes about their work. Walt is like an extraordinarily disciplined mad scientist in the studio.

Walt Morton gives a mindblowing talk on the contents of his notebooks:

  • The allure of the Poison Chalice.
  • Backwards Engineering the work of other artists.
  • Understanding what draws you to art and other artists.
  • The Familiar and the Unfamiliar.

Other artists mentioned:


Walt’s Work:


'Cow Boom'
‘Cow Boom’
'Fear of Sharks'
‘Fear of Sharks’
'Low Criminal Type'
‘Low Criminal Type’
'M26 Grenade'
‘M26 Grenade’


'Nat Whitten'
‘Nat Whitten’
'Shell Head'
‘Shell Head’






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