Upcoming Workshops

April, 2021 - Understanding Values 

Learn to paint values with Antrese 

a five week online painting experience

April 6th through May 4th, 2021

Artists tend to  look at paintings past and present, and think things like:  “WOW - I love the way that artist turned the form on the far side of the cheek. I wish i knew exactly what color they used….”

So they go out on a hunt for the perfect pigment. They buy tons of colors trying to figure it out.

What they don’t realize is that color can impact the turning of the form, yes but it’s the VALUES that do the heavy lifting.  Get the values right and THEN you can use color temperature to make those delicious subtle nuances in form. But if your values are off - I hate to break it to you, you’ll never get there by changing the hue alone.

You will learn:

  • What values are and how to see them correctly
  • Why you don’t need MORE values - How a constrained range packs a big punch.
  • How to strategically choose your value structure so that your painting evokes the mood you want.
  • How to use values to create order out of chaos.
  • How to use values to establish visual harmony.

library of previously recorded webinars

Portrait Drawing with Elana Hagler

Watch Elana Hagler  in a portrait drawing session of her daughter Dina. Elana answered questions from artists while she showed us how she begins a portrait drawing from life.

In this one and a half hour demonstration, Elana shares tips to prepare your materials (list included), and how to visually articulate your model so your drawing is proportionally correct. Elana demonstrates how she starts her portraits, how to take key measurements that matter most, and answers questions from artists as she goes along.

A few years back, Elana was a guest on the Savvy Painter podcast (you can catch her episode here. )

Acrylic Painting demonstration WITH stanley goldstein

Stanley Goldstein gave a live demonstration painting glass as a subject with acrylic paint on canvas.

"I will be teaching painting in acrylics, showing how I paint glass, under a strong light source. I will be demoing how I use a full palette to create many subtleties of neutrals with occasional bursts of saturated color where needed, and how I start with big shapes and move to detail much later."

Glazing with oils Demonstration

 with Dean FisheR

Dean Fisher (listen to his episodes here and here) gives a demonstration on GLAZING TECHNIQUES.

Employing glazing techniques with oil paint is an excellent way to achieve brilliant depth and luminosity of color in your work. There are also approaches to glazing which can give us great freedom to experiment with color.

In this glazing demo, Dean showed various ways you can use glazing with oils in your work; from a very traditional approach over a grisaille to other ways in which glazing can be used to fine tune and finesse your painting.

These are excellent techniques to add to our repertoire of paint handling skills!

The power of value studies

WITH Lucy Kalian

Maybe you´ve heard the saying: Values do all the work, Color gets the credit? Lucy Kalian shows how she uses the Munsell system to create an accurate value study so that she has a solid foundation upon which she began her color work. 


Teresa has a ton of valuable tips not only on painting, but also finding your signature voice as an artist. Get an exclusive look at Teresa's palette and painting style, while she answers your technical painting questions.