Stanley Goldstein

Stanley Goldstein is a realist painter, representing large and small-scale scenes of everyday life as well as city scenes, interiors, and landscapes. Stanley shares how he uses video and photography as reference materials. How he distances himself from the photo with sketches and then what his theater experience contributes to his composition.

We talk about how the birth of his son directly and indirectly influenced his work and studio practices. He also generously walks me through how he transitioned from waiting tables to full time gallery work.

See Stanley's Work:

Earliest Works:

In the interview, Stanley talks about some of his earliest works that are in the private collection of his mother.

Stanley graciously agreed to share.

After struggling with the perspective in this cityscape, Stanley went to the Los Angeles Museum of art to learn perspective from the masters.

"Big Top" street scene ( not a hill! ) is oil on canvas board, Stanley Goldstein age 8

Girl with Flowers ( under rock bridge).20 x 16" oil on canvas paper. Stanley Goldstein, age 9

more recent paintings


'Halloween' by Stanley Goldstein

'Baker Beach Conversation' by Stanley Goldstein

'After Breakfast' by Stanley Goldstein

'Seder Table' by Stanley Goldstein

'Point-o-Woods' by Stanley Goldstein

'On the Swings'

'Corn Dog Girl'

'Watching Over'

'Dancing by the TV' by Stanley Goldstein

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