01: Giant Leaps, A Big Move, and Savvy Painter Begins.

I’m an artist, just like most of you. About seven years ago, I took a giant leap and quit my job art directing video games for Disney. Not long after, I took another giant leap and moved to Argentina. Crazy, right?

In the first episode of the Savvy Painter podcast, I tell you a little bit about who I am and what you can expect from the show to grow your art career.

By listening to the Savvy Painter podcast, you will:

  • Learn from artists who have been there before.
  • Expose yourself to new ideas that inspire you to push your studio work farther and build your business.
  • Learn to analyze other peoples marketing solutions and adapt them to suit you.

Moving to Argentina made selling my artwork more challenging- at first- until  I came up with a project that took full advantage of my location. I pulled it off and sold close to 200 paintings. In future episodes, we will dig deep into that process, and talk to other artists who have done something similar.

So here’s what you can expect from the Savvy Painter podcast:

Once a week you’ll hear interviews with some incredibly talented painters who have spent decades honing their craft and building their business. Artists like:

  • Charlie Hunter
  • Camille Przewodek
  • Ray Turner
  • Kathleen Dunphy
  • Andy Evensen
  • Carolyn Lord
  • Susan Abbott

Occasionally,  I’ll  interview an author, or marketing expert to give you tips and ideas on how to promote your work and improve your business. We dive deep into topics that will help you promote your work- like how artists can use their email lists more effectively, or how to tweak your website to better serve your collectors.  

Get instant access to exclusive content when  you sign up for Savvy Painter. You’ll get first dibs on free guides and special downloads, plus you might even find some out-takes and extra goodies in your inbox. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of this stuff because there’s a lot of important information that will help you hone your skills and get your work out.

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    • Thanks Anita! Im learning too from talking to all these people- more than that its just a lot of fun!

  • Antrese –

    I listen to your podcast every day in the car, so you are now my driving companion. Thanks for your excellent work developing, nurturing and bringing this podcast to life. Well done!


    • I’m honored to be a part of your journey, Hilary. Thanks so much for listening and for taking the time to send a note!

  • Hi Antrese,

    Congratulations on pulling the trigger with your show and for getting quick success with iTunes!

    Your message would fit so well with our audience and we would be delighted to invite you on our new show.
    ReLaunch! debuts May 12 on iTunes, iHeartRadio, and a few others channels.

    If we can talk about making this happen, please drop us an email and we’ll go from there – joel@relaunchshow.com

    All the best!

  • Love this! Looking forward to hearing all of your interviews, such an interesting approach!

    • Hi Gail! It has definitely been a learning experience but I am having lots of fun! I’m glad you are enjoying them!

    • Thank you so much Susan! So nice of you to leave a note & I’m so glad you are enjoying the interviews!

  • I’m so glad I found your site!!! I’ve listened to 4 interviews and can’t wait to hear the rest. Each one has been inspiring and thought-provoking and they came in to my life at a great time (I’m about to go pro with fine art)

    Tenemos cosas en comun. Tambien soy un pintor y tambien soy bilingue. Vivo en Denver ahora pero he vivido en Mexico y Costa Rica. Antrese, me encanta tu cuento. Te espero mucho exito!! Ojala que sigues con el podcast para siempre. Gracias por darnos este regalo tan bonito. 😉

    Sinceramente y good luck with everything!!

    • Hola Scott! Bienvenido!
      I’m so glad you are enjoying the show! Let me know if there are particular topics you feel are missing. The best show ideas come from my listeners. You listen to me; I listen to you…. seems only fair right?

      Thanks for taking the time to write in!

  • Really Fantastic! Found your podcast a week or so ago, and I am going through the history and listening to them all. A new studio companion! I particularly like the mix you have going of art focused conversation and then more business-oriented conversation.

    • Andrew- Thank you so much, Im honored. I try really hard to find a good mix so Im happy to hear that you’re liking it!

  • I just discovered this–what a fabulous resource! Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring podcast, Antrese; I look forward to listening to your treasury of episodes!

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