Carlos Castellanos

Carlos Castellanos

Carlos Castellanos is the illustrator and co-creator of Baldo, the first syndicated comic strip in the US with an hispanic family at the center- now in its 14th year.


Carlos also runs Drawn by Success which is a site dedicated to helping freelancers attract better clients. He does a weekly google hangout with Bob Ostrom. The two of them interview artists, illustrators, and just about anyone who has something interesting to say about the field.

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  • Mr. Castellanos, before I became a professional engineer I seriously entertained the dream of becoming an illustrator and artist. Somewhere along my life I figured I would have a better chance of making a living as an engineer. When I was aspiring and maybe I still am, to becoming an artist I studied just about all the illustrators ole and new and all their styles.
    I have concluded that you are much more than a cartoonist you are also a great illustrator, painter, and if I am correct you are also into many other endeavors.
    In Baldo, you sometimes jump from being a cartoonist to being great illustrator and I rank you as high as all the past and great illustrators. May you be able to keep up your excellent quality of work for as long as you want. God bless you,

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