Harry Stooshinoff

Landscapes, Collages & Designing Your Art Career with Harry Stooshinoff

Harry Stooshinoff
Harry Stooshinoff

Harry Stooshinoff is a Canadian artist who uses paint and collage to create gorgeous landscapes.

After grad school, Harry had early success getting grants and selling his work through galleries, but as he will tell you, he realized working with the galleries was not a good choice for him. He made a tough decision that allowed him to design his lifestyle and take full ownership of the sales of his artwork.

Harry and I talk about his creative process, the issues he sees inherent in the artist / gallery relationship and how he built his collector base.


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Books Antrese Mentioned:

Harry’s Book Recommendations:

  1. The Unknown Matisse, Vol 1, Penguin, 1998, Hilary Spurling
  2. Matisse the Master: The Life of Henri Matisse, Hilary Spurling (this is Vol 2)
  3.  Cezanne, A Life, Alex Danchev, Pantheon, 2012
  4.  Bridge of Sighs, Richard Russo, Alfred Knopf, 2007

Harry’s Paintings:

'Rose End' by Harry Stooshinoff
‘Rose End’ by Harry Stooshinoff
'Ravine Boxing Day' by Harry Stooshinoff
‘Ravine Boxing Day’ by Harry Stooshinoff
'Passing' by Harry Stooshinoff
‘Passing’ by Harry Stooshinoff
'Night Rain' by Harry Stooshinoff
‘Night Rain’ by Harry Stooshinoff
'Late Clearing' by Harry Stooshinoff
‘Late Clearing’ by Harry Stooshinoff
'Evening May 20' by Harry Stooshinoff
‘Evening May 20’ by Harry Stooshinoff
'Dusk On Chickabiddy Line' by Harry Stooshinoff
‘Dusk On Chickabiddy Line’ by Harry Stooshinoff
'All Gone' by Harry Stooshinoff
‘All Gone’ by Harry Stooshinoff
'Sept 27 Seven PM' by Harry Stooshinoff
‘Sept 27 Seven PM’ by Harry Stooshinoff

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  • I love this artist’s work. I just discovered him on the Black Pond Studio website which I follow, and am almost ready to buy a couple of pieces. Very exciting. Thanks for the interview

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