Jennifer Pochinski

Finding Your Creative Inspiration, with Jennifer Pochinski

Jennifer Pochinski
Jennifer Pochinski


How do artists find their creative inspiration? The answer to this question is as unique as each person who asks it. Every artist finds their inspiration differently and that inspiration varies widely. But with each exploration of this question, you get a peek into each artist’s journey. On this episode of Savvy Painter, I sit down with artist Jennifer Pochinski. We have a wonderful and wide ranging conversation about creative inspiration, painting techniques, and raising a family as an artist. Jennifer brings some fascinating insights on this episode, don’t miss it!

Using Instagram for Artistic Inspiration

Some artists retreat to the beauty of nature to find that creative spark called inspiration, some look to literature or the human anatomy. Then there are some artists who find inspiration from Instagram. In the 21st century, some artists are finding new avenues of motivation. On this episode of Savvy Painter, I get to explore this subject with artist Jennifer Pochinski. Jennifer likes to “travel around the world” by surfing the social media application, Instagram. She knows it’s an unconventional method to find inspiration, but it works great for her.

Disappointment as fuel for success

As you grow and develop your skills as an artist over time, you find yourself holding to higher standards. This may cause you to look at your older work unfavorably. How do you respond when you are disappointed with art you’ve produced? Do you allow it to discourage and disappoint you? Artist Jennifer Pochinski and I discuss how you can use your disappointment as fuel for success. As an experienced painter, Jennifer has years of expertise to draw from.

How to respond when you get “Stuck” creatively

In every creative endeavor you eventually run up against a “wall.” Writers suffer from writer’s block, ballerinas struggle to master a particular move, and musicians can struggle with hitting a certain note. Everyone deals with adversity and challenges differently. Jennifer Pochinski is a painter who has run up against this wall before. She found herself “In the zone” creatively when all of a sudden the well dried up. Life has a brutal way of treating every creative type to this struggle at some point. Either you have experienced this difficulty, you are in the middle of one right now, or you will be in one eventually. It is crucial to hear from others like Jennifer who have found their way through the other side of a creative block.

Pursuing your passion and raising a family. It can be done!

You’ve heard it said that “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” This saying pokes at the very idea of possessing something and enjoying it at the same time. Many in our society believe you can’t do something like raise a family and find success pursuing your passion at the same time. While it sounds complicated, difficult, and messy – it is a real possibility! Artist Jennifer Pochinski has raised her two girls all the while pursuing her passion as a painter. She will be the first person to tell you that it isn’t easy but it is rewarding! On this episode of Savvy Painter, Jennifer and I discuss the early years of raising children as an artist and how her kids are doing today!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:40] Background of guest: Jennifer Pochinski.
  • [2:21] I introduce Jennifer Pochinski.
  • [3:19] Early inspirations in art.
  • [4:36] How Jennifer chooses what she is going to paint.
  • [7:20] How Jennifer uses Instagram for inspiration.
  • [12:11] What are some memorable responses to Jennifer’s work?
  • [16:20] How Jennifer’s view of her paintings change over time.
  • [18:35] Have unsatisfying paintings challenged Jennifer?
  • [20:48] Jennifer’s ritual for preparing to paint.
  • [22:41] How does Jennifer prepare her paint technically?
  • [27:19] What Jennifer does when she gets “stuck” on a painting?
  • [31:17] How Jennifer keeps her creative spark.
  • [33:59] Pursuing your passion while raising a family.
  • [41:24] If Jennifer could own one piece of art she’d own…
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“Beach Goers, 1955”
"Rooftop, Friday"
“Rooftop, Friday”
"Golden Couple"
“Golden Couple”
"Self Portrait in Titanium Yellow"
“Self Portrait in Titanium Yellow”

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