Karin Jurick

How to sell your art online with Karin Jurick

Karin Jurick

Karin Jurick talks about how to your sell art online.

Karin Jurick has an unusual story. She starts out as many artists do- As a child, she drew obsessively and was always drawn to expressing herself creatively. At the age of 18, she took over her parents framing business and made a good living not making art, but still surrounded by it. But here’s where it’s a little different: After 9-11, her framing business took a downturn. In a desperate attempt to save the shop and to keep from having to layoff her employees, Karen began painting.

She was able to keep the framing business going, and her employees kept their jobs for another 7 years by subsidizing the shop with the sales of her artwork.

Eventually painting became more lucrative than her framing business and she took a leap of faith and began to paint full time. It was almost an accident when she learned to sell art online.

Karin is now working on a series called Bust-ed– almost 200 portraits inspired by police mugshots.

Karin sells the majority of her work online using eBay. In this episode, Karin and I talk about building a fanbase, trust, getting payments and how she navigates the sometimes choppy waters of selling art online.


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'face 128' from the Busted series
‘face 128’ from the Busted series
'face 115' from the Busted series
‘face 115’ from the Busted series
'face 90' from the Busted series
‘face 90’ from the Busted series
'face 20' from the Busted series
‘face 20’ from the Busted series
'x' from the alphabet series.
‘x’ from the alphabet series.
'table for one'
‘table for one’
Soft Shoes
Soft Shoes
Violin Lesson
Violin Lesson

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  • Karin Jurick is a great artist. Her work proves her social empathy and high technical mastery. I follow here in Brazil the beautiful work that she develops in the United States.

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