Kathleen Dunphy

Around the Back

Kathleen Dunphy had several successful businesses creating floral arrangements and planning events before she followed her heart and devoted herself to plein air painting. She shares her start showing colored pencil drawings of pets at a veterinary clinic. She spent years honing her craft and dedicated herself to her oil paintings.

Her hard work paid off. Kathleen has won numerous awards and had several solo shows.

No wonder Steve Doherty from Plein Air Magazine said this about her:

Ask anyone which artists are certain to be among the next generation of great plein air painters, and Californian Kathleen Dunphy’s name will be at the top of the list.”

Kathleen talks about:

  • How a small and simple start evolved into a successful career.
  • Those wonderful people who come along in your life and say “Stick with this.”
  • What it takes to get your art career going.
  • The dangers of complacency.

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