Kevin Macpherson

Plein Air Painter & Art Ambassador Kevin Macpherson

'If It's Wednesday It Must be Arles'
‘If It’s Wednesday It Must be Arles’

Kevin Macpherson is an impressionist plein air painter who records his extensive travels with a paint brush and 4 colors – if you include white.

After a trip to China with a group of painter friends, Kevin became fascinated with the country. Now he returns often to paint, practice his Mandarin, and teach. He started Art Ambassador to bring art to children of migrant workers.

In my interview with the director of the Irvine Museum, Jean Stern describes Kevin as a charismatic painter – and notes that if you ever want to find Kevin at a a painting event, just look for a crowd of laughing spectators surrounding an easel.

I think you could find Kevin just as easily in China: Just look for a giggling group of children enveloping an easel.

In this episode, Antrese and Kevin talk about:

  • How he made the decision to chuck everything, hit the road and paint.
  • How Kevin chooses to take risks and live without regret.
  • The surprising origin of Kevin’s extremely limited palette.
  • Travels in China and the lengths Kevin goes to make the children smile.


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More About Kevin:

Art Ambassador:

butterflylogocolorful higher res_72

Art Ambassador Chinese kids with Kevin painting_72

Art Ambassador kids with Kevin at long table_72

Art Ambassador Photo with Guatemalan children_72

Art Ambassdor, Kevin and kids _72

Kevin’s Paintings:

'Xin Xin'
‘Xin Xin’
'Rob's Day Off'
‘Rob’s Day Off’
'Jewel Tones,'
‘Jewel Tones,’
'Impressions of Sainte-Cecile
‘Impressions of Sainte-Cecile
'Guatemala weaver'
‘Guatemala weaver’
'From the Rug Seller's Roof'
‘From the Rug Seller’s Roof’
'From Maui to Molokai'
‘From Maui to Molokai’
'Downstream from Nankoweep'
‘Downstream from Nankoweep’
'Down East'
‘Down East’
'Celtic Brilliance', 24 x 36"
‘Celtic Brilliance’, 24 x 36″

Catalina Playground, 24x36,Macpherson_72

'California Grandeur' 38 x 62"
‘California Grandeur’ 38 x 62″
'Black Diamond' 50 x 40"
‘Black Diamond’ 50 x 40″
'Belgium Canal' 11 x 14"
‘Belgium Canal’ 11 x 14″
'Bateaux Vert' 15 x 18"
‘Bateaux Vert’ 15 x 18″
"Angel Fire" 30 x 40"
“Angel Fire” 30 x 40″

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