Karin Olah

Textile Artist Karin Olah on Materials, and How to Build a Solid Artist Network From Scratch

Karin Olah interview on Savvy Painter
‘Intracoastal Perfect Day’

Karin Olah got her start in the fabric industry. Part of her job was to create a dye to perfectly match an object to a fabric.

Today, Karin uses her extensive knowledge of color and fabrics to create layered images using fabric, paint, and mixed media.

Karin talks about her process for creating art plus how she built up an amazing support group of artists when she moved to a new community.

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Karin Olah in her studio
Karin Olah in her studio
Two artists in the making: Karin leads by example,
Two artists in the making: Karin leads by example,

Karin’s Work:



Folly In the Rain


South Channel Ocean Bound Wind

Unwinding Wind

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