Tips to plan and organize your gallery show – stress free

Antrese Wood

 “No surprises makes for a no stress gallery show”, Antrese Wood

Antrese Wood shares her tips to plan and organize your gallery show.  Get your paintings, framing, and promotion plan worked out so that when you arrive at your art opening, you can relax and enjoy.  In this episode, Antrese walks you through step by step how she plans and organizes for a solo art show.

Use these techniques for art fairs, group shows or open studios.  When your show opens you’ll be ready to go!



  • Visualize (2:36)
  • Breakdown Tasks (3:55)
  • Working Backwards (5:19)
  • No Assumptions (6:20)
  • Hanging the Show (8:09)
  • Logistics (15:00)
  • Promotion (17:28)
  • Social Media (18:50)
  • Painting Selection (20:00)
  • Contingency Plans (24:35)

“Hope for the best, plan for the worst, Antrese Wood

Antrese’s Approach for mapping Gallery Space


Jean Stern, Executive Director, Irvine Museum

Illustrator, Graphic Design Software

da Center for the Arts, Pomona, California


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