What do Collectors Look For? An Interview With Jean Stern

Jean Stern

Jean Stern, Executive Director of The Irvine Museum.  Listen to the insights of Jean Stern as he wears the many hats of Art Historian, Museum Director, Author, Teacher & Lecturer. Jean and Antrese discuss the world of contemporary art, his take on living artists and why artists need gallery representation and art dealers.


“Don’t be afraid to love a representational painting”

“Believe in quality, beauty, craftsmanship & passion”

Show Highlights:

  • How Jean’s family business shaped his career
  • Why quality always matters
  • Where Jean discovered California artist (then unknown)
  • Differences between early 20th century artists and current artists
  • Peek into whose work hangs in Jean’s home
  • The importance of friendships with artists
  • Why artists need 2nd opinions (regarding selling)
  • Mistakes artists make in marketing themselves
  • What’s the “Knucklehead Award”?
  • What is an artist’s job?
  • Do artists’ need art dealers and galleries?
  • How to find the right representation


Artists Mentioned:

Edgar Payne

Ken Auster

Billy O’Donnell

John Cosby

Bryan Mark Taylor

West Fraser

Camille Przewodek

Timothy Clark

Kevin Macpherson



California Impressionists

Irvine Museum

Plein Air Painters of America



California Light: A Century of Landscapes: Paintings of the California Art Club

Edgar Payne The Scenic Journey

Franz A. Bischoff: The Life & Art of an American Master

GUY ROSE American Impressionist

Impressions of California: Early Currents in Art 1850-1930

Timothy J. Clark

Romance of the Bells, The California Missions in Art

All Things Bright & Beautiful, California Impressionist Paintings from the Irvine Museum

Enchanted Isle, A History of Plein Air Paintings in Santa Catalina Island

California, The Golden Land of Promise

Alson S. Clark

Elsie Palmer Payne

Western Masters

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