Bobbie Burgers – Capturing Past, Present, and Future All In One Moment


Capturing past, present, and future all in one moment. Bobbie Burgers is an artist living in Vancouver, Canada. She paints large scale portraits of flowers, but as Bobbie will tell you, these paintings are actually not about the flowers at all.

Bobbie and I talk about her inspiration, where it comes from and how changing studios gave her the luxury of seeing the progression of her body of work. We also talk about Bobbie’s reaction to having her work copied in Chinese art factories. I have to say, I love how Bobbie ultimately responded to this experience and how it has affected experimentation and her painting process.

We also talk about art residencies – Bobbie recently ran an Instagram contest where the winner gets to come hang out and work in her studio for a day – That lead to us talking about how changing things up a bit enables you to explore freely without expectations.



Donald Sultan
Joan Mitchell
The book ‘Bad Boy‘ by Eric Fishl

Connect with Bobbie


Upcoming Exhibit:

Caldwellsnyder Gallery
St Helena, California
April 8-30

Art Fairs:

Galerie de Bellefueille
Art New York- presented by art Miami
May 3-8
At Pier 94

Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto
June 2016

Studio Photos by Klik Photographic

Bobbie’s Paintings

Humanity #1 90x80 2016 300dpi

Emperor Of All Things 72x120 2016 300dpi


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  • I am always and truly in awe of Bobbie Burger’s art. I can personally identify with her character as a person and her approach to art. I hope she continues for a very long time and that she also continues to inspire us all by the beauty she translates on canvas.
    Warm regards from the North

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